The e-commerce world has grown so rapidly over the last 5 years. It has become popular among retailers.

With big names, come big problems. Due to skyrocketing in popularity, it has become difficult for new retailers. They have to face different factors like raise in the acquisition cost. This has made grabbing new users and customers much difficult.

As the platform is having hard times with the retailers, e-commerce marketers rely on low-cost high-scale channels. The prior thing that has worked for decades is SEO.

This article will provide you 7 powerful tips to increase your customers.

There are 7 tips to help you boost your traffic.

1.    Create a complete keyword program:

Serving about 80,000 users with the same search results within a second is a difficult job. Google is performing this job nicely.

If Google doesn’t provide the best search results, it will hurt the business.

Search results are based on the search queries by the users. In SEO, these queries are named “Keywords”.

Keywords for SEO can be categorized as:

  • Commercial Keywords: The keywords that direct towards buying something like buying new shoes, new black shoes, etc.
  • Informational Keywords: The keywords that are intended towards learning something like how to do a backflip, backflip tips, etc.
  • Navigational Keywords: The keywords intended towards some specific product or brand like Ray-Ban glasses, Mercedes Benz, etc.

Research showed the following results about keywords searches:

To optimize your search engine, you are required to follow the given tips.

  • Categorizing Keywords: Start sorting out the nature of the keywords by noting down the data.
  • Highlighting the competitors’ keywords: Try to target the keywords in which your competitors are having more traffic.
  • CPC and Volume-based organization: You must try to target the mix of high volume and high CPC as they will guarantee you higher traffic increased sales.

2.    Intent Optimization:

While selecting the keywords, you must keep search intent in your view. This will help you attract more buyers.

But what is the intent? According to get site control:

“Search Intent is the reason behind a user’s search. It explains the purpose and motives they have when they type a search query.”

To seek higher ranks in search engines, you must be user-friendly all the time.

You have two options to unfold the intent:

  1. Nature Analysis: All of the keywords explain themselves in their nature. Words tell us about their use. Words like sale, voucher are commercial.
  2. CPC: CPC is the keyword’s Cost Per Click determined by search engines by their demands. The profitability of the keyword is determined by the demand. Thus, using high CPC keywords will raise the traffic and rank.

Keywords can be added in the:

  • Title: One of the most powerful on-site factors is to give keywords in the page title.
  • Copy: Copy your keyword and use it as many times as possible in your content.
  • Link: Providing a URL is also beneficial for this.
  • Alt-tags: Using Alt-tags in images will allow search engines to identify its type and nature.
  • Backlinks: Using backlinks or internal links allow buyers and users to have more trust in your content.

3.    Use HTTPS:

When any user visits your website, he will probably be looking for some products. But this can be counted as a second thing.

The first thing that comes to a buyer’s mind is security. He will be seeking a website that provides him the security of his credentials.

HTTPS stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure” which is a safer version of HTTP. Using HTTPS can be profitable for your website traffic and search engine ranking.

4.    Original Content:

A major tip for creating user-catching content for SEO is to create original content. No user likes copied or plagiarized content.

Consider a person selling something, but using someone else’s content in it. The product will be rated low. Content for SEO must be original and unique. The content must be of your own.

To check the copied and plagiarized work, you may use different online plagiarism checker tools.

A plagiarism checker is an efficient tool that highlights the copied content from the unique one. These tools can be accessed online. Many websites are offering free tools to users.

5.    Answer Providing Content:

Search engines are trying to gather the information of the world and make it accessible to everyone. Your content must contain all the answers relevant to your customers’ queries.

You must brainstorm ideas so that you may have the answers to your customers’ questions.

You must know the intents of your buyers so you may create everything according to their interest and taste.

6.    Integrate Your Product Within Your Content:

Both the products’ descriptions and content of your website are the same. You must propagate such writing techniques that your product must get integrated inside your content.

Your content must contain informational keywords the most as the top searches are about information. Stats give that more than 80% of searches are informational. So, your content must have informational keywords regarding your products within the content.

7.    Find Your Linkerati:

Linkerati are the people who click on your given links. When you create any kind of content, you try to provide your users a link. This is link is clicked by users to gather more information about that specific point.

Linkerati helps your website gain more clicks and traffic. You can provide your website’s link to other websites to post for you. This is the most effective tip in creating powerful content for the SEO of your website.

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