How big data analytics can boost the work of software development project


  • What Is Big Data And Why Is It Important For Software Development?


Developers today need to be aware of far more than just how to program in their chosen languages. They need to know how to work within a collaborative team, how to follow an agile development framework, how to use revision control software such as Git, and now even big data analytics. So before you go out and hire your PHP Zend developer to work on your next project you really need to dig deep into their resume to see how they are going to fit in.

Big data is a term that many people have heard, but what does it really mean? We are surrounded by information and data, and businesses are collecting it at an ever-increasing rate. Information that comes from our browsers about our surfing habits, data from our cell phones, what we have put into social media, even the videos we post on YouTube. Add to this internal business information and performance statistics and the amount of data that a company may have available could be considered as something more than simply “Big.”

But having many millions of gigabytes of data does a business no good unless they can analyze and use that information in a structured and beneficial manner. This is where big data analytics come in. In the past analyzing this information could be next to impossible. Especially when the information comes from so many different sources. Big data analytics today, however, can provide you some real insights as to what is really going on. This allows you to make decisions based on real data rather than relying simply on your gut feel.

The information provided through big data analytics today can be utilized in all aspects of your business from getting a jump on developing a new product that consumers really want through to simply getting the work done quicker. So before you hire that Zend PHP developer for your next software project you will want to check that they really understand how they can use big data in your agile development project.


  • How Is Big Data Used In Software Development?


The amount of data that is available on everything from consumer habits through to how they physically use an app is significant. Analyzed correctly, this data can provide your PHP Zend development team with a huge amount of information that they can use to ensure that they develop something that the end-user will really take to.

When it comes to software development there are many different areas that the data provided can help you with. This can cover areas such as all of the following:

  • Knowing what users really want: this can be anything from a whole new application that consumers are looking for through to specific functionality that they may be looking for within the software that they use.
  • How users really use your software: you can discover which functions of the software are really being used as they were intended and where users may be having difficulties. It can also highlight functions that users either do not like or rarely use. The end result can be a truly optimized user experience.
  • Bringing software to market quicker and cheaper: by analyzing data from your projects you are able to learn how to better run your teams to get what you want quicker and with fewer mistakes. There are many areas of analysis that can make your PHP Zend development teams work so much easier.


  • How Can Big Data Analytics Make Your Software Development Project More Efficient?


Looking at data from past projects as well as real-time information from current work can provide you with many insights as to how your project can be improved. All want to bring software to market quicker and to avoid any errors, all without having to spend excessive amounts of cash to do it. By analyzing the available data you can ensure that every project is an improvement on the last and that you get to your Minimum Viable Product so much quicker.

Big data can be used to support improvements by:

  • Helping to define team composition and management style: by looking at what has worked in the past it is possible to define the best possible team for the specific project you are looking to run based on the real data.
  • Optimizing available resources: you can ensure that all of the resources that your team can be made available and at the right time within the project helping to keep costs minimized.
  • To understand what is most likely to need testing: past data can also help you to predict where and when issues may occur within your development. This can help you to better focus your efforts on avoiding those issues right from the start.
  • To make real time adjustments to the software: past data combined with real time information can help you to make changes when required to keep your work on track.


  • Big Data Analytics And Agile Development


Big data and Agile really do go hand in hand. Agile requires that you speed through the development process and use data to drive the decisions that you are making. Big data analytics can help your team to gather more accurate and relevant data to make the required decisions in a robust and timely manner.

The use of big data analysis can give your team the information that they need far earlier in the development process. This can help you to save a fortune in development costs as well as helping you to deliver your projects so much sooner.


  • Use Big Data Analytics to Deliver Your Projects Quicker and Within Budget


If you want to get the biggest benefit from your Zend PHP certified developer salary you must ensure that they are not just an expert in writing code. Every member of your team needs to be able to contribute in a myriad of different ways to be able to get software delivered on time. The use of big data analytics is a growing area and one that is going to become more and more important for you if you want to stay competitive.

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