Bitcoin is the first established and most hyped cryptocurrency in the virtual market. The virtual asset is secured through cryptography and can be used as a medium of exchange just like a Fiat currency. Other cryptocurrencies came into existence after Bitcoin got its first hype. Bitcoin was available to trade and invest on platforms like Immediate Edge in 2009, but the identity of who created it is still anonymous. The introduction of Bitcoin is like a new electronic cash wholly decentralized and does not involve any government authority in its monetary affairs. Having zero involvement of third parties and government bodies makes it more secure because the information and money can be directly transferred into users’ accounts without moving it through many channels.

Bitcoin is mined with the help of supercomputers. Many of the miners are coming together to solve complex computational puzzles to find a block of Bitcoin to earn real BTC from the mining process. Bitcoin mining is a process that helps to add Bitcoin to the Bitcoin blockchain and uses the code of a global network through a computer to run the Bitcoin code properly. Mining is the process through which new bitcoins are added to the network. You can start your mining process alone or join mining pools to earn profits through Bitcoin.

Steps to earn profit through Bitcoin mining

Get the best mining hardware

The first step of Bitcoin mining is to get the right equipment that is needed to mine Bitcoin. In 2014 and 15, it was easy to mine Bitcoin through your computer or high-speed graphics card. Still, nowadays, you cannot use your personal computer to mine Bitcoin as the puzzles have become more complex, and you need a superpower computer to solve them. You have to buy mining software and hardware specifically designed for mining Bitcoin. You can quickly get this mining hardware and software on Amazon. Bitcoin works on a network of proof of work that needs considerable electricity.

Join a mining pool

It is possible to mine Bitcoin alone, or you can join the mining pool, but mining Bitcoin solo can increase your cost and thus decrease your profits. It is better to join a mining pool where you do not have to buy the same software and hardware for working alone. Also, the mining pool ensures you earn maximum profits, which you cannot Earn By mining Bitcoin solo. It is also possible that many miners are working for the same block, and the Bitcoin reward is given to the one who mined the Bitcoin as soon as possible. Mining pool, where groups of miners work together and pull their resources, split the reward, and share their hashing power. The number of efforts they put into solving the problems, they keep the prize offered by Bitcoin for Bitcoin mining.

Download free Bitcoin mining software

You have to spend a few 1000 bucks to get Bitcoin mining hardware, and you have to download other software from the Internet as they are free, or you have to pay a very minimum amount for them. Several different programs can also be used for mining Bitcoin. The two most hyped popular programs are CG miner

and BFG miner. They will also provide their software if you join a mining pool.

Create a Bitcoin wallet

The next step is to create a Bitcoin wallet. It can be easily created using your existing Bitcoin wallet. You can access your Bitcoin wallet just by downloading it on your PC or computer. Mind Bitcoin can be quickly sent to a Bitcoin wallet using different unique addresses that belong to you. It is better to secure your Bitcoin from hacking and cyber attacks by keeping it offline or enabling two-factor authentication. You can also store your Bitcoin offline where it does not have access to the Internet.

Start mining

Once you complete your essential required software and hardware for bitcoin mining, you are all set. Bitcoin mining is helpful by running SHA 256 hash function to verify the process and validate Bitcoin transactions. Always remember that to mind Bitcoin successfully, you need to use a high hash rate, which is measured in the speed of hashes per second.


Bitcoin mining is one of the best processes to earn profits as it can help you do a real BTC out of mining Bitcoin. But before starting Bitcoin mining, you need to spend a few 1000 bucks to get the necessary software and hardware required for Bitcoin mining. It is best advised to join a mining pool rather than mining Bitcoin solo because you may spend over a year without gaining anything from Bitcoin mining. On the other hand, you must be aware of Bitcoin price volatility and other pros and cons of the crypto market. Carefully observe the market before getting into it. It can save you from losses and help you maximize your profits.

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