How regulators should consider the future of DeFi


What is DeFi, why it’s poised to enable financial inclusion, and how the showdown between decentralized finance and regulators is taking shape.

  • The promise of DeFi and financial services: “So DApps we’re all familiar with for financial services. And so those can include everything from lending to insurance, credit, all these different kinds of financial applications and financial services over time. We’ll see more erosion of traditional forms of intermediation, financial services. Financial services is a heavily intermediated industry at the moment and kind of present time.
    DeFi represents an opportunity to think about how we apply disintermediation principles into that, not only heavily regulated but heavily centralized system. And the hope and the reason so many of us are very excited about this is that it’s going to give us an opportunity to realize more stakeholder engagement from a wider variety of actors who either have been traditionally cut out of these traditional legacy systems for all kinds of reasons, sometimes inadvertently, sometimes deliberately, sometimes even maliciously. But it’s going to create new opportunities via peer-to-peer engagement.” (Sheila Warren)

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