Documents are an important part of any business when it comes to workflow management. Nowadays, most organizations choose digital document management. This option has many advantages when compared to paper-based management systems.

Document automation is necessary to identify repetitive tasks and automate the creation, modification, storage, signing, searching of documents that are related to business processes.

What Kind of Software is Necessary for Document Automation?

Document automation software is the technology necessary to automate the documentation process. It takes a lot of time and effort to create all the documentation. When you consider the growing needs of companies in today’s IT industry, manual documentation can be a slow process.

The software for automated documentation is designed to solve such a problem. You can speed up the document creation process by using various templates. In addition to high accuracy, such software saves time and prepares complex documentation in a few minutes.

Benefits of Automated Document Management

As studies show, almost half of the workflow tasks can be automated. It provides a lot of such benefits:

  1. time saving – the number of manual tasks is reduced;
  2. reducing the number of errors – the program has excellent work efficiency, which allows to minimize the mistakes;
  3. high storage and security – automated workflow management provides multi-level protection against all attacks;
  4. increased compliance – this process helps comply with industry standards;
  5. digital process integration – workflow management integrates company processes such as account management and others.

Because automation documentation is quick, simple and accurate, it’s easy to scale it up. It is possible to add a new process and start documenting it right away. All you have to do is create a few additional rules and templates.

How to Create a Document Management Workflow

Workflows are a big step in the document management process. They make it easy to share knowledge regardless of the size of the team or the amount of input data. To create a document management workflow automation, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  1. Select a workflow management tool. It determines the number of functions the owner wants from workflows and the speed of processing. Such a tool should be characterized by a clear interface, extensive integration capabilities, drag-and-drop features, and intelligent team management.
  2. Mark the necessary input steps. This provides the opportunity to perform a surface review, discuss with other parties, and perform analysis.
  3. Create a digital form with the necessary fields to include the details about the process.
  4. Design the workflow. It’s important to separate the different stages of the approval process into different steps. It’s worth clearly naming each step and assigning specific individuals who will be responsible for certain tasks.
  5. Define permissions and rules. Each field can be configured in a way that makes it editable and readable or hidden.
  6. Perform a test run and deploy. This way, you can check if the defined conditions work and if there are any errors.

Using workflow management tools, you can work with any space where documents are stored so that you can organize your work and collaborate faster. The software makes it easy to focus on work tasks instead of constantly searching through folders for the right files. Instead, you can concentrate on simplifying your document management workflow so the team can spend more time reviewing and updating documents.

Working with paper documents is very time-consuming to transfer them. At the same time, employees do not interact with them for a long time. But in electronic format, you can prepare all the important papers in a matter of minutes and send them to other employees for approval.

PandaDoc — an Assistant for Every Company

Every company needs a document automation tool, because it makes all work processes much easier and saves time for every employee. In addition, a great assistant in every organization is Pandadoc. It is a program that allows you to create, modify, sign and store important documents. It is characterized by a clear interface and a large set of useful tools. Now you can create a contract or agreement in minutes. It also simplifies the process of signing contracts – all you have to do is send a document over the network and wait for it to be signed. There are many tools on the site that allow you to work with documents without difficulty. Thousands of ready-made templates exist, which you only need to fill out and sign. Also, there is an opportunity to create a template to meet the requirements of a particular organization. The portal offers different packages at a reasonable price to expand your capabilities. But you can try them out in the trial version for 7 days beforehand. Thanks to its user-friendliness, this platform is chosen by many European companies.

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