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In 2021 TikTok had already overtaken Google with the number of searches on its platform. By posting on TikTok, not only can you grow your reach and engagement, but you can also build your brand’s personality. The possibilities are endless when it comes to TikTok Advertising, even more so when you consult a TikTok Ads Agency.

Ads or Organic:

The big organic or ads debate! Believe it or not this is a very common first question! The best mixture is combining paid ads with organic posting, and this is because both of these have different uses! If you’re looking to generate revenue and boost your organic growth, ads are your sweet spot. You can target your ideal audience who will be most interested in you and your content, while you can also target a warmer audience who already knows you and start converting them to your content. Posting organically along side your ads will help you build your brand personality.

What can an agency do for your brand?:

TikTok has given unlimited opportunites for small brands to connect via short-videos, which is something that’s never been seen before! Any TikTok ads agency, with the right experience in building revenue-driving campaigns, will be there to help you combine the right creative with the right strategy to help you achieve the results you want.

There are many important factors when it comes to TikTok ads, and creatives are one of them. Depending on what ads you’re after, will be the deciding factor of what creative you need. A leading TikTok ads agency can help you make sure you’re provided with the right copy and media to make sure your ads perform as best as they can.

Why TikTok?:

A lot of the time businesses tend to think that TikTok is just for Gen-Z, which is false! Initially TikTok gained its popularity from Gen-Z, however over time the app and the audience has developed! TikTok is now very diverse, which is only positive for your brand as it means you have the potential to reach a bigger audience!

There are many positives to your brand being on TikTok, one of them being how many active users there are. TikTok themselves take pride in the fact there are over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide! It’s also a viral app, which means TikTok tends to promote a video based on its virality, making it even easier for your videos to reach a bigger audience than ever seen before.

The TikTok process?:

If you’re not quite sure on the whole process from having an idea and presenting it to a TikTok ads agency, then here’s a little run through on what that would look like:

You need to think about your audience. Is it the general demographic on TikTok which is 18-24 years old, or are you aiming to reach a more niche audience with your ads?

Trending sounds and location are a big thing to think about on the creative sides of your ads. Where are you going to be filming? Will it be indoors, outdoors or in the park? Will it be super aesthetic? What are you going to be creating? Are you jumping on trends or using your own sounds?

Finally, what is the purpose of your content? Why are you going to create your content? Where’s your inspiration coming from?


In conclusion, TikTok is a great place for your brand. You have endless possibilities for your brand that can be enhanced through TikTok ads. By understanding the above you can start seeing TikTok success before you know it!

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