Digital Sign

Grab a digital sign, install Kitcast tv on your sign and your PC, and learn how to schedule content and send live messages through the system. Do this, and you can have working digital signs that allow you to communicate with your staff more easily. Do this, and you can set up networks with hundreds of connected digital signs. Or, you can set up a single sign and place it somewhere prominent for your employees. Install your digital signs and you can start leveraging them to improve employee morale and connections.

Replacing the Email Newsletter

Put up a digital sign in places where staff congregate, such as the reception area where they punch in, and the canteen areas. On the screens, you display all the information that you would normally put into an email newsletter. You tell them about upcoming events, about their mandatory days off, about changes to the business and so forth. Instead of trying to force people to read the newsletters, you put the information on the digital signs and you email it to them. That way, people are more likely to talk about the information on the digital signs and there is less chance that people will miss valuable information.

Collaborating on Projects More Easily

Working with different teams can become tricky. As a collaborator, you have to stay on top of what other people are doing and what has been done. People need to stay updated, but it is annoying having to check different screens to see who has done what. Instead, you use digital signs and you display who has done what, who has green lit their finished project and who is still pending. That way, whenever your team looks up, whenever they get up to go to the bathroom, they can visually see who is doing what and the progress that the rest of the team is making.

Demonstrating KPIs to Employees

This was quite common in call centers and is now more common in live-chat centers. They have big boards on the walls that show things like call waiting times, people in the queue and so forth. Companies that are more interested in sales will have big digital signs showing which items need to be sold, and they explain which products, packages or policies to switch to when stocks are running low or high (depending on orders). Things like this happen in all sorts of firms, from indie computer developers to teams that are selling stocks and are told to change their focus when a certain stock is running out, running low, or is failing to produce good profits. 

Scheduling People More Transparently

Putting the rota on a board is not suitable for some companies, but it works very well in companies where small teams have to work together and share staff. Being able to see who is working and when they are working is very important in these situations. Plus, when you use digital signs, you can update the schedules in real time so that people are kept up to date on things like unplanned absences, temporary staff joining and so forth.

Jobs In Logistics

There are some companies that list time-sensitive information on their digital signs so that the various teams involved are kept up to date with what they should be doing at any one time. The best examples of this are with delivery and logistics companies. People get to see on the boards when certain deliveries are completed, when they are en-route, and when their deadlines are. This means that with a swift glance at the board, the team leaders can tell their group when they can take a quick break because perhaps a delivery is late and is not expected for another 20 minutes.

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