Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the SVOD segment, it’s a highly competitive space with lots of players to choose from. Nevertheless, independent and corporate film production companies are finding it difficult to generate funding to have their content put on the screen as well as receiving the same revenue they once did at the cinema and the box office.

Vabble is the future of streaming. It aims to take on the biggest players in the SVOD game by offering more revenue for the production firms. This company solves this problem by creating a comprehensive ecosystem that fills the gap between the percentage of a ticket sale that goes to these companies VS the royalties they receive from well-known SVODs.

Connecting publishers and their audience

This is done by issuing rewards to users once subscriptions are paid every month. The audience pays per quarter of content watched, directly to the publisher.

In addition, the platform offers its users voting with VAB tokens, giving them the power to choose content that will appear on Vabble and even invest in productions for profit share and exclusive NFts.

Online tips are also available there, so its audience can praise its favorite publisher and make a payment directly to the crew in crypto.

Vabble has converted SVOD providers’ largest cost into a revenue stream through production launchpad which also, in turn, generates even more profit for both users and production studios.

And last but not the least, making a revenue model more lucrative, publishers will be able to offer NFTs for sale or auction. These tokens will be limited.

Using Vabble, publishers will be able to hold video AMAs with actors and actresses of their productions which users will be required to purchase tickets to attend.

Vabble will move the SVOD industry, providing a highly dedicated audience with a convenient hub and the type of content they really like. A Beta version of the platform will go live in Q3 2021. So, you will be able to join Vabble, find your loyal audience, and see everything the platform has to offer.

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