iDenfy launches an innovative tool to further enhance its ID verification process


By FintechNews staff

-We are quickly becoming aware that the digital world is growing at a faster rate than new experts in the IT industry can be prepared to fill the widening gaps in the workplace. The Korn Ferry Institute predicts that the global shortage of IT specialists could exceed 85 million people and cost companies worldwide trillions of dollars – not directly, but through lost opportunity. 
-The United States is expected to be hit the hardest – being the leader in technology makes them the most vulnerable to the shortfall of IT technicians.
-By 2030, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, representing $8.5 trillion in lost annual revenue, according to management consulting firm Korn Ferry, based in Los Angeles.
-Among the economies expected to be hit hardest are Brazil, Indonesia, and Japan, which could face shortages of up to 18 million workers apiece, according to Korn Ferry’s projections. The United States and Russia are expected to be short 6 million workers each, while China could face a deficit of 12 million.
-Reacting to the trend of a global shortage in the IT industry has led the company to develop “Magic Link” – an improved and more accessible method to verify identity, which requires no development or programming.
-Using “Magic Link,” iDenfy’s partners will be able to send one unique but universal link to every client rather than creating a unique link for each of them. The client will then be instantly redirected to iDenfy’s identification page and follow the necessary steps as usual.
-Before the tool was developed, there was virtually no way to integrate an identity verification service without additional programming. Companies lacking a programmer and means to hire one were at a huge disadvantage if their industry required reliable ID verification. Additionally, having to create a unique link for each different person is time-consuming and inefficient. “Magic Link” will tackle these issues head-on.

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