Today we will be getting some insights on the new startup investfox from the company founder Konstantin Rabin who will be shedding some light on the reason for starting the project and where they plan to take it.

Konstantin has been working in the world of finance, trading, and technology for over a decade and has gone from CMO of one of Europe’s largest retail FX brokerages to the successful launch of several well-respected affiliate sites in the trading and iGaming environment.

Now let’s hear what he has in store with this latest venture.

FintechNews (FTN): What the heck is an investfox and how did the idea for this new site come about?

Konstantin (K): Foxes are generally clever animals and an investfox is one that knows how to navigate the investment world. Having been in the investment industry for so long I have seen too many people falling into the traps of dodgy dealings. It was while looking into why this is, that it became apparent to me that there just wasn’t a good platform out there to turn those who are just starting out in the investment world into wise investfoxes. So, using my knowledge of this sector and previous successes in this industry I decided to create a platform that would act as a helpful guide to train the average Joe citizen to be as clever as a fox when it came to dealing with the often convoluted world of investments.

FTN: So what exactly is the mission and vision of investfox?

K: Our main mission is to provide the general public with accurate information on investment companies and opportunities through unbiased expert reviews while also serving as a platform for trustworthy user feedback. I know that’s a mouth full, but our vision is simply to bring transparency and honesty to the investment industry. Simple as that.

One way we are approaching this, knowing it can be tough for people just starting out in the investment world, is by providing a wide range of educational resources to make sure that people not only know what services to use but how to use them wisely. For example, we would set out to write an article about the best Forex traders to follow, then one of our experts will spend time researching the topic, gathering data, and putting together a well-researched piece that is accessible to anyone, not just financial experts So we end up with an educational section that has plenty of value for investors at every level.

FTN: Tell us about the first thoughts that went into the development of this project.

K: Mobile-first design was a key idea from the start as mobile traffic accounts for more than half of all web traffic these days. So we made sure that our site works well on mobile devices. As our aim was to make financial information as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, our team went directly into creating content that would be translation ready. Just 6 months after the soft launch we had already managed to provide most content in English, Thai, and Indonesian.

FTN: That’s all good and well, but how does investfox differentiate itself from the masses of investment review sites that already exist?

K: Well that is simple. investfox provides a user-friendly platform for reviewing investment products and opportunities in a way that is much improved when compared to so many of the competitors. The look and feel of our site is something we spent much time focusing on, but the most important part is our focus on transparency, unbiased reviews, and honest user feedback. In my initial research, I found that so many sites were just not cutting it when it came to honesty and moderating reviews properly. Some stats have shown that 93% of customers will go and read online reviews before they decide to buy or use a product. So the need for honest and transparent reviews is a must, especially when it comes to the world of finance.

FTN: Last, but certainly not least, what can we expect from investfox going into 2023?

K: While we are constantly working to improve and expand the platform, this year should see the addition of a few more language options being added to the site. Along with that, we also plan to launch the registration section of our website which will allow users to start participating and giving their user feedback.

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