Intelligent AI gains funding with aim to save commercial property insurers £500m a year


Addressing commercial property risk is a key strategy for many insurers and brokers. Lloyd’s property insurance  lost on average £800m a year (£4bn in total) between 2016 and 2020, driven by increases in man-made and  natural hazard losses and the challenges of accurately assessing risk across huge property portfolios.  

With only 5-10% of insured properties typically visited by risk engineers in the UK each year, improving the  quality of analytical data is a top priority to ensure accurate premiums and risk mitigation programmes across  100% of the portfolio.  

Anthony Peake, CEO of Intelligent AI, said: “There is a huge global opportunity across the commercial  property insurance sector. We need to move away from a system based on incomplete and historic data,  which is failing to accurately define levels of risk in the marketplace. Having real-time, accurate data on  risks and risk mitigation could ultimately help to prevent catastrophic incidents like Grenfell Tower.” 

AI and advanced data analytics can now help insurers, brokers, and their clients to better identify and  track risks, providing actionable insights that could save the commercial property insurance sector  hundreds of millions of pounds each year. Benefits for the customer include mitigated health and safety  risks and greater business continuity. 

Intelligent AI focuses on helping the insurance ecosystem to understand risk better and make insight-led  decisions in a timely and efficient manner. The need for this digital-led transformation is significant and  urgent, and Intelligent AI is at the forefront of change, providing immediate value to insurers, clients,  brokers, and consulting companies. 

Intelligent AI, founded by entrepreneur and innovator Anthony Peake, is backed by the UK government, with £295,000 in grants, including from Innovate UK. The start-up also secured £400,000 in seed funding  led by RLC Ventures, with participation from FomCap, The Gupta Group, and a number of UK-based angel  investors from leading private equity, insurance, and property firms. 

Anthony Peake has previously delivered risk management solutions for 6 of the top 10 UK insurers and  has held key roles at global technology companies, including Apple, GE, BT, and Oracle. Anthony’s latest  venture aims to transform the commercial property insurance sector.  

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