InvestSuite raises €3 million bringing the total amount of funding to €9 million .

Bart Vanhaeren, CEO and co-founder of InvestSuite said “The opportunity for us is right now; The pandemic has strongly accelerated the digital wealth transformation journeys in our key financial services verticals, and our rapidly expanding global pipeline. The funding allows us to hone in on these opportunities.” 

Laurent Sorber, CTO and co-founder added “COVID-19 has shown that we can remotely sell, build and deliver enterprise solutions to our global customer base”.

 InvestSuite, with HQ in Leuven, Belgium but with a growing international presence in London, Sydney, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Madrid and Amsterdam has already acquired enterprise clients in multiple countries on four continents. Since March the firm has grown from 25 people to 45, recently adding multiple senior hires to further fuel the expansion, as well as expanded its development and quant teams.

 The company offers Cloud-native, modular WealthTech and InvestTech solutions to financial institutions all over the world, combining deep quant expertise and banking & investment knowledge with beautiful, intuitive human-centric design, and a comprehensive understanding of how the ‘backend’ of a financial institution works.

 InvestSuite’s best-of-breed, modular, white-labelled end-to-end solutions can be used in an off-the-shelf way or highly customised depending on an institution’s requirements and time-to-market desires:

 Robo Advisor enables financial institutions to offer personal financial advice to mass affluent customers and HNWI, all wrapped in a human-centric design to give their customers the confidence to invest.

 Self Investor is an “execution-only” investment platform designed with retail investors in mind, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the team who previously built a multi-award winning #1 self directed platform in the Benelux.

 StoryTeller is an innovative new way to tell the performance “story” of an end customer’s portfolio – from retail clients all the way through to ultra-high net worth individuals. A “world first” using machine learning coupled with story telling techniques, StoryTeller brings portfolios to “life” and increases engagement – whether it is an advisor-led journey or otherwise.

  • Portfolio Optimizer” enables financial institutions to deliver truly hyper-personalised portfolios at-scale to their clients with the focus on a “smoother ride”. For this purpose, InvestSuite defined its own fourth generation measure of risk, called “iVaR”.  Laurent Sorber, CTO and co-founder: “Contrary to older risk measures such as volatility, it is based on how real investors experience risk, i.e. a combination of the frequency, depth and duration of losses.”

Bart Vanhaeren concludes: “In our view, building InvestSuite with multiple innovative ‘investtech’ solutions is absolutely the right strategy. It enables us to talk to institutions of all sizes, all around the world, about a variety of challenges they may face and typically we are very well positioned to help them and, importantly, their end-customers, solve a particular challenge. Whether it is an accumulation, decumulation, lack of confidence in investing or an educational requirement, we deliver outstanding digital customer experiences that are win-win for both the financial institution and their end-customer”.

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