IRIS CRM and Conformance Technologies partner to create the payment industry’s most powerful CRM integration


 IRIS CRM is proud to announce the integration of Conformance Technologies’ PreComm ToolKit risk assessment and monitoring tool. This new partnership gives wholesale ISOs the ability to run background checks on new merchants right from within IRIS CRM, reducing the time required to perform due diligence from 90 minutes or more to as little as 45 seconds. 

IRIS CRM founder and CEO Dimitri Akhrin highlighted how the new integration enhances the company’s core mission. “At IRIS CRM, our goal has always been to bring all of the tools ISOs need together into one place, making their lives simpler and easier,” said Akhrin. “By partnering with Conformance Technologies to offer PreComm ToolKit directly within IRIS CRM, we’ve taken that convenience and centralization to an unprecedented level. We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer this new feature to our wholesale ISO users because it’s something they’ve been asking about for a long time,” added Akhrin.

PreComm ToolKit is an advanced risk assessment and monitoring tool designed to make the underwriting process faster, easier, cheaper and more consistent. It provides ISOs with near-instantaneous access to 70 key data points, intelligent trigger-word scanning and automated website screenshot capture, completely eliminating the need to manually gather and analyze data. 

“IRIS CRM customers will benefit tremendously from PreComm ToolKit in terms of operational efficiencies, reduced risk and enhanced revenues,” said Darrel Anderson, president of Conformance Technologies. “We are excited about our partnership and look forward to providing clients of IRIS CRM with greater merchant insights to make better and more informed boarding and pricing decisions,” added Anderson. 

IRIS CRM has long been the tool of choice for ISOs looking to automate and streamline sales, onboarding and service delivery. With this new partnership, wholesale ISOs can now perform every single step of the merchant acquisition, boarding and management process, including due diligence, within IRIS CRM, making this the only fully end-to-end solution available in the industry. 

IRIS CRM and Conformance Technologies completely automate merchant risk assessment by triggering PreComm ToolKit scans automatically once an applicant is moved into underwriting status. Assessment reports are stored and presented in the CRM’s underwriting tab, where the color-coded results of each data point check are laid out to make go-no-go and pricing decisions faster, easier and more reliable than ever before. Scheduling rescans is completely user-configurable, ensuring that risk management is treated as a dynamic ongoing process and not just a one-time stopgap.

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