Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest investment banks offering various financial services. It also helps governments and companies raise money. In addition, it offers brokerage services that help people speculate on various financial instruments. With over $500 billion in assets under management, it is a force to reckon with in the investment world. So in comes HedgeUp (HDUP), a new crypto project on the cusp of tapping into a trillion-dollar opportunity in the alternative investment world.

Goldman Sachs vs HedgeUp

While Goldman Sachs has become a heavyweight in focusing on traditional investment products and focusing on high net-worth investors, HedgeUp is chattering its ways. HedgeUp wants to show investors there is a way of making money by investing in other products that, for the longest time, have been the domain of wealthy investors and firms.

Consequently, it has established a platform that will provide easy access to alternative investment products. In this case, people can invest in relatively stable products like private jets, gold, aviation, fine art and jewelry. By removing the entry barriers, the new project should make it easy for people to tap into opportunities in the alternative investment market poised to be worth $17 trillion by 2030.

Alternative Investments Hype

Demand for alternative investments is increasingly picking up after the implosion experienced in the mainstream financial markets and cryptocurrency sector last year. Alternative products are relatively stable and can reduce the overall risk on a portfolio. Additionally, they offer broader diversification to an investment portfolio.

Therefore, HedgeUp has teamed up with professional specialists with over 30 years of experience in the alternative investing world. The specialists are to guide people on how to tap into the opportunities in the alternative investment market and stand a chance of earning returns of between 28% and 36% annually.

Additionally, HedgeUp is leveraging non-fungible token technology to enhance access to alternative investment products. For example, with the help of fractional stakes, people will no longer have to put in the full amount to invest in pricey NFTs. Instead, by investing a small amount, such as $1, people can get and own a piece of an NFT.

Additionally, HedgeUp is looking for strategic partnerships to tap into opportunities in the metaverse world. The platform intends to offer a unique and effective way through which people can communicate a do business. Therefore, it wants to enhance the use of SocialFi and the implementation of HedegVerse while also offering a platform through which investors and institutional clients can interact.

HDUP Tokens

At the heart of all operations in the HedgeUp ecosystem is HDUP. The native token will act as a medium of exchange through which all transactions are to be settled. The native token will also facilitate the buying and selling of alternative products in the ecosystem. It should also make it easy for people to invest in factional stakes in various NFTs.

Additionally, HedgeUp is offering staking opportunities, allowing token holders to earn some passive income from their holdings. Token holders who lock their HDUP tokens in staking pools to enhance network liquidity and security stand to earn a portion of fees generated in the ecosystem.

In addition, HDUP will operate as a governance token. Consequently, token holders will have an opportunity to vote on any decisions that have the potential to influence the project’s direction. The deflationary nature of the token means the total number of HDUP tokens that will ever be in circulation is capped at 999M. The cap seeks to keep inflation in check.

Bottom Line

HedgeUp has what it takes to be the next Goldman Sachs by focusing on opportunities in the alternative investment world. It plans to beat the crypto market and other investment products by allowing people to invest in assets like private jets, luxury watches, fine arts, and jewelry at an ideal time. As people explore ways of divesting their investment portfolios, HedgeUp should be the go-to platform for access to an array of alternative investment products.

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