Jigsaw XYZ launches websites to showcase next generation digital banking and marketplace products Sense and Spoke
Jigsaw XYZ, a financial technology company that builds data-driven technology to connect individuals and small businesses, and helps companies to personalize products and services, has today launched new websites to showcase two of its core product offerings: Sense and Spoke.
Sense is a next generation digital banking platform that enables financial organizations to deliver new digital banking or financial management applications to their customers in less than five months. Sense enables Jigsaw XYZ’s clients to launch their own digital bank at a much lower cost than building their own platforms. The cloud-native Sense platform integrates a suite of micro-services which accelerates the production and deployment of a digital bank.
Ed Carey, Jigsaw XYZ’s Head of Product for Sense and Spoke, described Sense as “accelerating digital banking delivery by providing a fully integrated platform, data capabilities and a digital experience to provide 80% of the capabilities of a Monzo, Tide or Starling, as a white label product.”
Jigsaw XYZ aims to achieve two of its key ambitions through Sense: helping more people access financial products and services on their terms, and accelerating the delivery of digital banking capabilities by enabling even the most cumbersome incumbent banks to offer innovative banking features to their large customer bases. These capabilities have already been leveraged by some of the largest banks in the UK, the Middle East and South Africa.
Spoke is a Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that brings together third-party product and service providers with existing consumer brands to create digital markets, with no or low coding required. Spoke enables any business to create their own digital marketplace of third-party product and service providers within their existing digital user experiences, slashing the cost of onboarding and due diligence.
Jigsaw XYZ has enabled its clients to generate a new source of value by connecting their customers through marketplace technology; retail customers to SMEs, SMEs to large manufacturer corporates, and all of their clients to the financial products they need, when they need them.
Spoke solves the excessive friction, cost and time of digitally connecting consumers with product and service providers, giving consumer brands the ability to provide richer user experiences by being able to offer third-party products and services in less than 10 lines of code. The seamless integration into existing distribution channels also serves to digitally connect and improve existing business relationships.
The launching of Sense and Spoke is the next step in Jigsaw XYZ’s mission to enable companies to build digital experiences to help individuals use their data to access the financial products and services they need.
Andrew Tarver, Founder and CEO of Jigsaw XYZ, said, “the future industry model will be defined by understanding the needs of each customer and the digitally-enabled personalization of financial products, ending the age of the one-size-fits-all, mass-market product manufacturing. At Jigsaw XYZ, we’re providing the core technology that enables our banking clients to personalize their products, experiences and services around the need of each customer.”
Martin Wheatley, Chairman of Jigsaw XYZ and ex-CEO of the UK Financial Conduct Authority, commented, “I heard the marketplace and personalization vision for Jigsaw XYZ in 2015 and to witness the company realize this vision, within financial services, is incredibly exciting. Marketplace and Personalisation technology will not only transform the way this industry operates over the next five years, our hope is that it will provide access to fairer financial products for every individual and small business.”
Jigsaw XYZ will follow-up these releases with updates on the release of its next two core products, the first empowering small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to streamline their business practices, and the second enabling financial institutions to manufacture and dynamic and personalized financial products around the needs of their customers.

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