“JUMP into Green Investment” rewarded at the A-Team Insight Innovation Awards


The innovative JUMP into Green Investments solution enables the Investment Management industry to rapidly move and grow toward Green Finance. Fully embedded in JUMP’s core Front-to-Back business solution, it enables our Investment Management clients to implement their ESG strategies and promote ESG investment to their clients, all while complying with regulations and automating their processes. Thanks to JUMP into Green Investments our clients are rapidly moving to greener investments (+122% of growth in their ESG assets in 6 months, based on a recent survey by JUMP).

The success of the JUMP Into Green Investments solution lies within several top-rated capabilities in terms of:

  • Data acquisition and ESG data aggregation: the JUMP Technology solution connects with various market data providers to aggregate several categories of investment management data, including ESG data
  • ESG rating calculation: the Data Management module, embedded within the JUMP Into Green investments solution, provides rating calculation capabilities based on several ESG benchmarks that can be created or imported in the system
  • ESG investment compliance rules: the possibility to create new compliance rules enables users to customize their ESG rules according to their investment strategies and their instruments
  • ESG investment monitoring & analytics: JUMP into Green Investments provides a complete audit trail of monitoring and alerts to investigate possible breaches of ESG rules and measure global ESG performance
  • ESG investment reports: thanks to the JUMP Reporting solution, integrated within the JUMP into Green Investment module, users can create regulatory, client, marketing, and internal reports that can be exported in multiple formats and used by all stakeholders in the ESG financial ecosystem

As an innovative player within the investment management environment, JUMP is concerned with promoting ESG investment strategy in the industry. JUMP puts priority on enabling investment managers to accelerate the growth of their ESG impact on global efforts for sustainable development.

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