Kirobo unveils a collection of 10K utility NFTs that reimburse holders’ gas fees


Kirobo, a decentralized application developer creating a safer infrastructure for Web 3, unveils a collection of 10,000 utility non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs will reimburse the gas fees their holders incur from transactions conducted through Kirobo’s Liquid Vault, a non-custodial on-chain wallet with unique security features enabled by conditional transaction technology. The NFTs will also entitle their holders to multiple perks in the Liquid Vault as well as other Kirobo services.
Kirobo’s own utility NFTs will cover the users’ fees on transactions from their Kirobo Vaults up to a limit denominated in $KIRO, the platform’s native token, ranging between 2,500 and 100,000. While the limit will be specific to every individual token, holders can raise it over time simply by using Kirobo’s Liquid Vault through the gamified use-to-save feature. Use-to-save rewards the user for specific actions they do from their Liquid Vault, such as trading tokens, minting NFTs, and accessing DeFi. The rewards push the reimbursement cap of every NFT higher, allowing the user to save more on their transactions. To support the feature, Kirobo will allocate $100,000 worth of $KIRO for gas fee reimbursements.
The NFTs will also grant their holders access to extra features on Kirobo’s Safe Transfer service, which adds an “undo” button to crypto transfer. NFT holders will be able to make up to ten Safe Transfers per month, instead of the regular two, and review up to 20 of their last transfers with the service.
Kirobo will release the NFTs in stages, first enabling minting at a discount in early April, according to a whitelist. Select users can join the VIP whitelist to get access to a limited number of NFTs for free. At the second stage, Kirobo will offer the tokens to the public at a regular price. Users will only be able to mint the NFTs from their Liquid Vaults and will be able to trade them on external markets. Further down the line, the company will unveil more exclusive rewards, benefits, and opportunities for NFT holders, who will be able to use the tokens as proof of membership in a private club.
“Kirobo NFTs help crypto enthusiasts trade more without losing out on gas fees,” Tal Asa, CTO and Co-Founder of Kirobo. “Their usefulness will only grow with time, and the more active the holders are, the better returns they’ll end up getting. This in itself is a perfect arrangement for a seasoned trader, and the extra perks in the Liquid Vault that the NFTs bring to the table add another layer of utility that users are sure to appreciate.”

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