Latest Pipefy release empowers teams to measure and improve efficiency with data visualization and business intelligence


Pipefy, the workflow management software that empowers doers and transforms the way teams work, today announced the latest release of Pipefy, which includes Dashboards — a data visualization and self-service BI tool that enables managers to easily extract data from workflows, visualize it in different formats and translate it into actionable, timely insight. The Pipefy 2.0 update also includes new service management request tracking and limitless custom integration possibilities that allow Pipefy users to increase productivity and build streamlined, centralized operations. 

“In order to provide excellent digital experiences to customers and employees, organizations must increase efficiency and productivity within their own teams and processes,” said Alessio Alionco, Founder and CEO at Pipefy. “We’ve expanded our measurement capabilities which means that managers can visualize key metrics and take action. Dashboards allows teams to prioritize the metrics that matter most to their business and share progress with stakeholders.”

Because Pipefy customers use the platform to provide excellent customer and employee experiences, the new version allows doers to provide better experiences through service management to both requesters and agents who process the requests. With new portals where users can keep track of their requests and a new mobile app that enables you to manage your processes on the go, Pipefy 2.0 is taking service delivery to the next level.  

In addition to the new Dashboards feature and better service management experiences, the latest version of Pipefy extends integration capabilities, making it easier for users to track productivity across all their favorite day-to-day apps.

Pipefy introduces Pipefy 2.0 while exhibiting at the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (SSOW) event. To visit Pipefy’s virtual booth or sign up for a demo of Pipefy 2.0, please visit:

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