Manco.Paris has chosen JUMP Technology’s Front-to-Back platform to provide a combined offer of innovative technology solutions and ManCo third-party management services to investment management players


Faced with rising operational costs and the weight of regulatory requirements, Manco.Paris enables its clients, via the JUMP platform, to pool their resources, streamline their operations, and focus on improving the time to market of their innovations.   

This combined offer allows investment management companies and institutional investors to benefit from Manco.Paris’s full range of services (UCITS or AIFM fund hosting, operational management, risk and compliance management, reporting, etc.), with real-time access to their portfolios through JUMP Technology’s web-based Front-to-Back solution (multi-asset class position keeping, portfolio analysis, order placement, constraint monitoring, risk and performance analysis, reporting, etc).  

The business expertise of Manco.Paris’s teams, coupled with the power of JUMP Technology’s Front-to-Back platform, provides investment management players a solution that covers the entirety of its value chain, while combining shared and customized spaces.

“We founded MANCO.PARIS with the goal of providing an innovative response to the necessary mutualization of resources that the investment management industry in France, and its dynamic entrepreneurial component in particular, must face.  We chose JUMP to build our services platform after analyzing that it was the most functionally and technologically powerful platform on the market, as well as the only one that would allow us to build our complete service offer on a single centralized platform. We are delighted to be building this alternative French solution with JUMP.” André Mayens, General Director and Cofounder of Manco.Paris  

“We are delighted to be working with Manco.Paris not only as a client, but also through our strong partnership, which is helping to spread the use of our Front-to-Back solution and other additional quality services across numerous investment management companies in France.”                           Emmanuel Fougeras, CEO of JUMP Technology

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