MAPFRE premiums grow 6.2% in the first half of the year
  • The company gives advance information to the market regarding premiums by region  and business unit 
  • In Spain, premiums grew almost 7%, surpassing 4.2 billion euros 
  • MAPFRE RE premiums increase over 11% 

MAPFRE has decided to release advance information to the market about premiums by  region and business unit. This is part of our commitment to transparency and it allows the  public to follow the behaviour of the key business indicator a few days ahead of the approval and publication of results, which is planned for July 26 for this quarter. 

This information makes it possible to provide a more complete understanding of the Group  business performance, since some countries release information about MAPFRE’s written  premiums to June 30 in advance of the results presentation. 

  1. MAPFRE is a global insurance company with a worldwide presence. A leading company in the Spanish  market, it is the largest Spanish insurer in the world, the top multinational insurance company in Latin  America, and it is in sixth position in terms of non-life ranking in Europe by premium volume. MAPFRE is among the 20 most important Auto insurers in the US. 

MAPFRE RE is a Top 16 global reinsurance company with 19 offices throughout the world. In the last  few years, it has consolidated its position as one of the major international reinsurance companies by  premium volume, and it is one of the main contributors to Group revenue and profits. 

Globally, MAPFRE employs more than 34,000 professionals and services 29 million clients. MAPFRE’s net earnings in 2020 came in at 526.5 million euros, with Group revenues 25.42 billion euros and an  improved combined ratio of nearly 3% to 94.8% despite Covid-19

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