MAPFRE RE partners with Kovrr to manage cyber risk line of business


MAPFRE RE, the reinsurance unit of MAPFRE Group, a global insurance and reinsurance provider,  today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Kovrr, the cyber risk modeling  company, to support a wide range of use cases, expanding their skills for assessing accumulated  cyber risk exposure together with underwriting and pricing capabilities. 

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Kovrr and begin using the newest features in their Portfolio Exposure Management solution,” said Oscar Taboada, Head of Cyber at  MAPFRE RE.  

“Based on robust event catalog data and industry leading usability, their intuitive and  transparent platform allows us to better understand and manage cyber risk to improve our  decision making, helping us manage our accumulated cyber risk exposure as well as  underwriting tasks.” 

Kovrr has recently updated its event catalog, based on research arising from new proprietary data sources to reflect changes in the cyber threat landscape, including an improved view of emerging risks, threat actors, attack methods, and ransomware and malware campaigns.  Additionally, the catalog includes a wider range of service provider events, considering 

important business criticality factors. 

“We are pleased to introduce robust new features and capabilities for our model and platform,  which will make it even easier for our customers to understand, financially quantify and  manage cyber risk in their portfolios and provide the most accurate information for pricing,” said Shalom Bublil, chief product officer & co-founder of Kovrr. 

“It’s great to be able to establish our partnership with MAPFRE RE to truly understand the  quantification capabilities needed by innovational businesses and continue to use our cyber  expertise to bring the top-notch cyber risk models to the market.”

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