Meme Coins vs AI Coins: Which sector is outperforming & why?

Amid this year’s continued bull cycle, both meme and AI coins have gained notable traction. Here’s a report on which sector is outperforming and why.

  • Riding along upside pressure in the market amid this year’s bull cycle, both AI and meme coins sectors have experienced notable gains.
  • However, one sector appears to have overtaken the other, offering more appeal to investors.
  • A brief report on the top meme coins and AI coins’ price action in the past 24 hours.
Amid this year’s ongoing crypto bull cycle, apart from Bitcoin emerging as the talk of the town due to its halving, the upside momentum was carried further by meme coins and AI & Big Data coins. These sectors have garnered noteworthy investor attention in recent days, primarily attributable to a plethora of bullish market factors. Intriguingly, the most asked question among crypto traders and investors is the potential the meme and AI coins sector has to offer. Here’s a collective overview of which one of the above crypto sectors is currently outperforming and why.

The Battle Between Meme & AI Cryptos

Amidst the BTC halving frenzy witnessed this year, the broader crypto market has experienced a significant upside momentum, with prices continuing to rise even today. This market pressure has led to remarkable gains in both the meme and AI sectors, offering investors promising returns on their investments.
However, upon deeply scanning market statistics, it can be seen that one sector appears to have emerged more prominently than the other on crypto market traders’ and investors’ radars.

Meme Coins Take The Lead

With a market capitalization of $57.89 billion, the meme coin sector undermines the $43.17 billion market cap of AI and big data tokens. Further, the trading volume for meme tokens totaled $9.17 billion, whereas AI tokens’ trading volume was $3.31 million. This data underscores heightened investor interest in the meme coin sector, with more upside momentum.
Notably, the meme coins sector has displayed the potential to offer investors more ROI (Return on Investment) this year, as seen by the phenomenal price rallies of top meme coins, DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE. CoinGape Media reported that PEPE hit a new ATH this year while sustaining its bullish momentum, highlighting considerable profits nabbed by whales and smart money addresses. Simultaneously, DOGE & SHIB also surged remarkably, with annual charts illustrating gains worth 100%-200%. This fueled immense optimism on meme coins’ potential to offer gains within short-term prospects.

AI Coins Right Behind

However, AI and big data tokens also appear to have unparalleled gains in the pipeline. The recent surge in the adoption and growth of AI (artificial intelligence) across the globe stages as a highly optimistic factor for this crypto sector.
Meanwhile, Nvidia, the AI tech giant whose stock investors watch to gauge-in on AI-based crypto tokens directly, is continuing to cement its foothold in the AI industry. With Nvidia stock target prices raised to unprecedented levels, an optimistic tint for AI tokens hovers over the market. Additionally, recent reports spotlight Nvidia’s plans to partner with Dell to scale AI endeavors further.
This continues to paint a bullish scenario for AI-based tokens’ long-term prospects over the crypto horizon. Nonetheless, meme coins are much more prominent on investors’ radars, as mentioned above, potentially due to their high short-term ROI.
As also mentioned by renowned crypto market analyst Miles Deutscher, PEPE and WIF, a Solana-based meme coin, are potentially two of the best R/R holds this bull cycle. R/R refers to the Risk/ Return ratio, a measure used to assess the potential return of an investment relative to its risk.

5th Scape

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