Memecoins soar as Trump endorses crypto, TRUMP coin leads with 83% surge


Following Donald Trump’s endorsement of crypto for his potential next term, the TRUMP meme coin surges 83%, while other meme coins like Sealana and WienerAI also show promising gains.
TRUMP, a meme coin paying homage to Former U.S. President Donald Trump, has soared today. The move comes amid a broader memecoin rally, and newly launched projects Sealana and WienerAI are also gaining pace.

Donald Trump backs crypto, TRUMP coin price surges

The former U.S. president says he will embrace crypto in his next presidential term. “Crypto is moving out of the U.S. because of hostility toward it. I don’t want that. If we are going to embrace it, we will have to let them be here,” he said in a recent rally.
Resultantly, the TRUMP price has soared 83% this week, making it the second best-performing top 100 crypto. However, the top performer is another Trump-themed crypto, albeit with a notably smaller market cap.
Currently, TRUMP is trading at $8.39, up 18% today, 83% this week, and 74% this month. It holds a $369 million market cap and a $20 million 24-hour trading volume, up 67%.
Memecoins soar as Trump endorses crypto, TRUMP coin leads with 83% surge - 1
Indeed, the token’s affiliation with Donald Trump forges a polarizing narrative, with international market participants now able to show support via the token.
The project’s X account is leaning into this, recently saying that Trump’s ongoing presidential campaign rallies will be “bigger, better, and stronger than ever before.”
Meanwhile, analysts are alluding to TRUMP’s political affiliation, and anticipate that it is bullish for its price. For instance, trippaflipp.eth underscores the project’s “meta” of Donald Trump and also showcases its recent price action strength, forecasting an upcoming pump which is “going to be monumental.”
Meanwhile, TheEuroSniper also nods to the token’s politician fixation, saying, “Vote TRUMP for gains.” The analyst also cites its price chart and highlights that it has recently begun to make higher highs and higher lows following a pullback. This indicates the next leg up may be on the horizon.
Memecoins soar as Trump endorses crypto, TRUMP coin leads with 83% surge - 2
TRUMP has taken center stage in the meme coin circuit this week, but other projects are also vying for memetic stardom. With that in mind, let’s look at other contenders that could perform well.


Solana presales have fared one of the most lucrative memecoin narratives in recent months, and Sealana is the latest rendition. Having raised over $700K so far, this foul-mouth, South Park-inspired seal is striking a chord with memecoin degens.
While Sealana was once a water-dwelling mammal, he swapped that life to chase memecoin riches and now resides in his mom’s basement, munching on canned tuna and chips while grinding DEXScreener for 18-19 hours per day.
The hilarious backstory perfectly encapsulates the rags-to-riches ideals of degen memecoin culture, making Sealana one of crypto’s hottest prospects. Sealana also recently launched on Ethereum, presenting even more potential for on-chain liquidity and community growth.
Top analysts are bullish on the project, with some saying it has 10x potential. The Sealana presale remains ongoing, but with no predetermined hard cap, interested traders must act fast or risk missing out.




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