Menta selects Agora services to power innovative digital credit builder platform

By FintechNews staff


-Menta new fintech revolutionizing acces to credit for the underbanked consumer.

-The underbanked segment represents more than 100 million Americans who are disadvantaged by the current banking environment due to regulations and lack of financial education.

-Based on experience and research, Menta set out to build a credit building platform that combines the user experience of digital neobanks with the loan services needed to build credit for millions of Americans.

-Menta’s founders reinvented credit builder loans leveraging the mobile and digital banking experiences consumers demand and offering real-time servicing and access to funds.

-“Our goal is to educate and provide a service to help underserved adults with the opportunity to build their credit. That is exactly what we are doing with our partnership with Agora.” said Karen Jeffley, Co-founder at Menta.

-Menta selected Agora Services because of the BaaS provider’s most advanced suite of features and services they could offer immediately, along with a one-stop location to launch additional features as they become needed.



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