Mercedes-Benz drivers can now pay for parking with in-car feature


By Connie Diaz De Teran

Mercedes-Benz has released a new feature that allows drivers to identify off-street parking and secure a parking spot via the infotainment system.
Drivers are able to select both check-in and check-out times, see the total cost, and confirm their booking. Upon arrival at the park spot, they will be sent a QR code to gain entry. Mercedes Pay takes care of the payment processing, while Parkopedia provides both the location and the parking facility information to facilitate this feature.
“Our goal is to provide a seamless and exceptional customer experience across payment touchpoints within the Mercedes-Benz ecosystem,” said Jana Breitkopf, Managing Director & CEO of Mercedes Pay USA in a prepared statement. “This new feature addresses a major customer pain point, parking, and we’re going to make that experience a lot easier for Mercedes-Benz customers.”

Connected Cars and the Future of Payments

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, consumers want automakers to be as connected as they are. Connected cars are growing in popularity because consumers are able to connect their digital wallets, thereby paying for gas, food, and even parking—without having to take out a physical wallet or leaving their vehicle.
We have covered the growing trend of connected cars and how electric cars were essentially the forerunners to this new technology.
Additionally, we’ve explored how consumers want to continue to elevate their payment experience, and what better way to do so than adopting in-car payments.
In March, Mercedes launched Pay Plus in Germany, where car owners were able to pay for both digital services and hardware upgrades in their car by simply scanning their fingerprint. By the end of this year, Mercedes hopes to extend this feature to enable motorists to pay for refueling.




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