Miami Mayor to take full paycheck in Bitcoin


By FintechNews staff


-Miami Mayor Francis Suarez — who’s been courting tech entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to move to the city — announced Tuesday that he’ll take his next paycheck entirely in bitcoin.

-A “boss move,” said the city’s CIO, that makes Mayor Suarez the first known U.S. politician to get 100% of a paycheck in BTC.

-The announcement comes after Suarez said last month that he’s working on a plan that would allow Miami to pay city workers in bitcoin.

-“When you think about the possibility of being able to run a government without the citizens having to pay taxes. That’s incredible,” Suarez told The Washington Post in September.

-“My experience receiving a portion of my pay last week went flawlessly,” hinting that he has already been receiving part of his own salary in BTC.

-Suarez’s move marks a first in U.S. politics.

-Interestingly, the region has already taken several visible steps to adopt Bitcoin. Back in February, Miami’s City Commission passed a resolution to allow municipal employees to receive their salaries in Bitcoin.

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