Mobile banking and travel industry unite with Travel Union


Travel Union, the travel-focused digital banking platform for individuals, families and travel industry partners, has brought fresh innovation to fintech by combining mobile banking with money-saving deals from travel industry partners for consumers.

As well as getting a free multicurrency account and simplified payments and money transfer solutions, users will benefit from targeted special offers for travel industry goods and services such as flights, hotels, entertainment and duty-free shopping. Offers are laser-focused and uniquely based on the user’s interests and changing location.

Raman Korneu, CEO of Travel Union, says, “Travel Union is an indispensable digital banking tool for tourists looking to make the travel experience better, find fun activities and save money with travel industry special offers, and for business travelers keeping an eye on expenses.

“Companies in the travel and hospitality sectors also benefit by engaging with consumers that have a high disposable income, who are interested in spending money in that particular market segment and who are in the nearby geographical vicinity. Airlines, cafes, museums, taxi services and thousands of other types of businesses can put special offers in front of the people who need them most.”

Travel Union uniquely leverages two markets – digital banking and the travel industry – and combines both to provide additional value to travelers, families and travel businesses.

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