Momentum builds for central bank digital currencies


July was a bumper month for central bank digital currencies with at
least seven central banks receiving press coverage. The Japanese,
Jamaicans, Philippines and Cambodians updated on advances in thinking
linked to their own exploratory programmes.

The Chinese and French provided progress updates, whether that be the creation of consortia to explore the technology, as in the case of the French, or the
establishment of pilot schemes, as in the case of the Chinese. Whilst
the United Kingdom continued “Looking at the question of, should we
create a Bank of England digital currency” following the closure of
their own consultation period at the end of June.

These announcements follow the successful webinar held in late June
convened by the authors Haydn Jones and Dr Maria Grazia Vigliotti, of
“The Executive Guide to Blockchain”, a hugely successful publication
launched earlier this year which, amongst others, covers the topic of
central bank digital currencies.

Chaired by the BBC’s Joe Lynam, and joined by Dave Birch, the panel debated the dawn of this new type of central bank money, and its impact on the economy, the banking system, and most importantly, the general public. If you missed the webinar, it is available here [1], where the
book can also be ordered.

Since it’s launch in February, the book continues to sell well, with
strong global sales, and remains a must read for those interested in
this technology, and in particular its relevance to central bank digital

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