New ‘Bitcoin lessons’ learning app launches globally


Bitcoin Lessons ( has officially launched to help educate the public about the history of money and the world of Bitcoin.

The app offers a mobile-based bite-sized learning approach similar to popular language app Duolingo. It is designed for those with an appetite for knowledge and can be used in short bursts to suit busy lives.

Linking to the wider Bitcoin community, Bitcoin Lessons features further reading sections independently recommending the best podcasts, books and articles available to help further understanding of the topic.

Since going live in early March, Bitcoin Lessons has been downloaded by users in 53 countries, offering insight into current consumer appetite to learn about the currency. Strong demand has been seen from Latin American countries which represent a high percentage of total downloads.

The top countries for downloads are currently:

  1.     Mexico                              17%
  2.     Venezuela                         16%
  3.     United States                   13%
  4.     Spain                                  7%
  5.      – Colombia                       5%

 – United Kingdom           5%

Venezuela’s inflation rate has skyrocketed 53 million percent since 2016 with 9 out of 10 people trapped in starvation, which could explain their curiosity for learning about Bitcoin.

The app currently contains 11 lessons – from the history of where Bitcoin came from and how it compares to previous forms of money, to the strengths and weaknesses of Bitcoin and what the future may hold, as well as how to venture into the world of Bitcoin knowledgeable and confident.

The free version of the app offers four lessons and users can also choose to pay to unlock all content and earn Bitcoin as they learn. By acting as an incentive to help people complete their learning, they are rewarded their own Bitcoin as they finish each lesson.

Gareth Stephens, Founder of Bitcoin Lessons has spent the past 13 years building products for global software companies including GBG, where he was Head of Product as it progressed beyond a $1 billion dollar valuation. He has been a Bitcoin enthusiast for many years and has worked full-time in Bitcoin for the past 18 months.

Gareth commented: “Having been a passionate advocate of Bitcoin for many years I, like many, have trawled the web-based resources available to understand how the currency works, how to get started and how to take a more sophisticated approach to holding the currency in the long-term. It’s a minefield, especially for the time-poor. With many predicting that Bitcoin heralds the future of money, it’s vital that it becomes simpler for everyone to understand why.

“We’ve been amazed by the positive reaction to Bitcoin Lessons in our first few weeks and are really encouraged to see the locations where we seem to have hit a chord. So much so, we are now intending to produce translated versions with open access to all content for those in countries that need this knowledge the most.”

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