New digital software launches to completely revolutionise property virtualisation


Based on gaming technology, revvis allows users the unique experience of viewing and designing the interior and exterior of a property before it is even built. 

The software is an ideal solution for the property industry as we establish a ‘new normal’ and the market gets back to business in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its remote use and detailed virtualisation capabilities remove the need for face-to-face meetings and viewings, allowing companies to stay engaged digitally with their customers. revvis can also offer a solution to businesses who need to assess the layout of their offices and replan to accommodate a change in working environments.

 With revvis, users can design their garden, terrace, kitchen and rooms to their own style at any time of day, and make changes in real time alone or with friends, family or colleagues. The easy to use software is supported with instructional videos on YouTube, meaning anyone will be able to learn how to use it in just a few minutes.

 The company was founded by gaming specialist Christian Ehrich and intends to fill a gap in the market. When he was struggling to find a software that would help him imagine the interiors of his new house, his wife suggested utilising his gaming technology experience to create a similar virtualisation tool to aid their interior design process. Then revvis was born, and has been received with excitement by the industry.

 All property sectors from housebuilders, property software developers, interior designers and estate agents can use revvis to improve customer experience, engagement and importantly increase sales. For example, institutional and private developers can facilitate virtual viewings 24 hours a day before the first brick is laid, and in turn sell more homes off-plan. A WebGI browser allows users and their customers to access their virtualisations direct from their own company websites and leading property portals.

 Individuals including homebuyers and self-builders can also use revvis to enjoy planning, decorating and fully furnishing new homes completely independently – and all from the comfort of their sofa. Multiple users can login to a virtualisation, allowing effortless interaction and the sharing of ideas.

Property inspections and surveys aren’t required to create the virtualisation and walkthrough interactive tours. revvis simply requires fully annotated floorplans and CAD drawings. Even without this data, revvis can still be used with a simple sketch of the property and its dimensions. Once produced, users can start visualising the property of their dreams.

Every detail of revvis has been carefully considered with user experience at the core. Users will see everything in first-person perspective, and can navigate through a property as if they are really there thanks to the application’s innovative walkabout function. There is also the unique option to change the height of the person virtually viewing the property.

As revvis is PC-based, users can operate it simply using their mouse and keyboard, or a VR headset if they have one. They will be able to open doors, walk upstairs and explore rooms, gardens and outdoor spaces and feel like they are actually in them.

Bespoke features to help bring to life all elements of the property in detail include a product catalogue function allowing properties to be fully interior designed. Users can choose from various pre-installed fittings, furniture and decorative items, such as paint, wallpaper and flooring. Not only does this make the whole user experience as smooth as possible, it is an opportunity to upsell premium fixtures and fittings to an engaged audience.

An exciting future development will see the creation of an online shop function where users will be able to order these items directly through the software. This feature will generate a sales channel opportunity for businesses to introduce consumers to a range of interior items at a key time in their decision-making journey when they are purchasing or building their dream homes. 

Founder of revvis, Christian Ehrich commented: “Unlike other visualisation methods, the advanced technology behind revvis is what puts it in a league of its own. It offers an easy to operate and fully interactive 3D virtualisation of any real estate at a competitive price, and takes approximately 10 per cent of the time it takes on average for virtual tours to be produced.

 “The global Covid-19 outbreak means it is more important than ever that all industries are equipped to engage customers digitally and with continuity, with revvis offering this solution for the housing sector. After our successful UK launch, we are planning to roll out revvis globally.” 

 An example of a company which has been able to stay engaged with perspective buyers and effectively market to them thanks to revvis is Meyer Homes. Antony Crovella, sales and marketing director added: “Given the current climate, the ability to now give virtual tours of our properties has enabled us to keep marketing to potential buyers and give them a different way of interacting and viewing properties. We’re finding that demand is still high, especially given interest rates are at a record low, but people are understandably nervous about walking into a space where others have been at the moment.

 “We are currently trialing the revvis software with a number of potential buyers for our townhouses at Gabriel Square in St Albans. They cannot only see what they look like inside, but also have a browse through various interior design options, to see what their home could look like with different furniture etc.”

 Additional features of revvis and plug-ins include the ability to test sunlight exposure to see where the sun comes into each room over the course of the day, and set-up outdoor areas according to the position of the sun, such as fixed items like trees, patio areas and barbeques.

 Further helpful functions mean tradespeople, for instance, electricians, can be booked and granted maintenance access online, the distance between any two points can be precisely measured, changes can be submitted to the architect before construction begins, and any snags for correction can be logged. New home buyers can also accurately measure surfaces within their chosen property to instantly check if their existing furniture items will fit.

 Visit the brand new revvis website revvis is currently offering a 50% discount on all new signups to help keep the industry moving. To enquire about this or becoming a revvis affiliate and earning extra income from your contacts in the property world, please contact

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