New version of BLIK on AliExpress: payments made faster and easier


Warsaw, BLIK, polish mobile payments scheme and AliExpress, a global online retail marketplace under Alibaba Group, today announced they had entered into next level of cooperation to allow AliExpress users in Poland to pay directly with BLIK on the AliExpress checkout page.

The cooperation brings together BLIK, Polish shoppers’ preferred method of online payment, and AliExpress, one of the global leaders in mobile commerce, and Alipay as an acquiring partner. The integration of BLIK with AliExpress has been enabled by PPRO, the leading local payments platform-as-a-service, who have partnered with Alipay since 2015. The partnership should help to cement Poland’s position as the fastest developing market for mobile payments in Europe. The move could also potentially provide BLIK with a strong partner outside Poland should the company’s development move in that direction.

Our development strategy strives for BLIK to be available as a payment method for its users wherever they shop – this applies both to Polish websites and international online stores. AliExpress is an important partner for us. We believe that BLIK users will be happy with the option of paying directly though the global purchasing platform, says Dariusz Mazurkiewicz, CEO at BLIK.

We have been excited to witness BLIK’s growth in the Polish market over recent years and we are looking forward to working together to ensure Poland continues to become the European leader in mobile payment innovation and adoption.” Added Gary Topp, Central and Eastern Europe Regional Director and Head of Global Payment Partnerships at AliExpress.

With its dynamic economy and fast rate of ecommerce growth, Poland has become an increasingly important market for AliExpress. Gemius studies showed that  AliExpress has  become the most visited shopping app during the peak shopping season in December 2019. Customers mainly choose to shop using the AliExpress mobile app where users will now have access to their preferred mobile payment method, BLIK.

The move also demonstrates AliExpress’ increasing willingness to localize its offering in Poland, last year the platform introduced a partnership with InPost to allow Polish users to pick up their parcels to lockers around Poland.

Continuing to improve and localize the user experience is one of our key strategies for development in Poland. Working directly with BLIK will allow our users to experience a fast, secure and more seamless payment experience when checking out on AliExpress. Added Gary Topp.

BLIK appears as one of the payment methods to choose from when finalizing your order. Just enter the BLIK code on the payment page and accept it in your banking application. Soon, the One Click BLIK solution will also be introduced, thanks to which you can save the website in your mobile banking application at the first payment, so that with subsequent purchases it is no longer necessary to enter the BLIK code, but only confirm payments in the banking application. Previously, customers could choose BLIK on AliExpress within the payment methods available, which was carried out via Przelewy24 or PayU.

In the first three months of 2020, Poles used BLIK nearly 78 million times, of which 57.5 million were online transactions. According to the data of the National Bank of Poland for the last quarter of 2019, BLIK is already likely to be used twice as much as payment cards for online payments, and this difference increases from quarter to quarter.

Users appreciate the ease of making BLIK transactions, as well as the fact that they do not have to leave any sensitive data on websites. Payment by BLIK requires only entering the code and confirmation of payment in the bank’s mobile application, adds Magdalena Kubisa, Business Development Director at BLIK.

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