PaymentGenes extends her services with payments data analytics, strategic consulting and interim management covering all client’s needs!


PaymentGenes,, global leader in permanent staffing and recruitment solutions for the FinTech and payments industry, announces the expansion of her services with consulting and data analytics.

The new activity is formed through the collaboration of three payments companies; PaymentGenes, data analytics outfit DataBright and the consulting boutique Payments Insiders bundled their skillset, experience and expertise. 

 Adding supplementary services to its portfolio has been a long standing goal of PaymentGenes given the market’s demand for a single partner capable of offering a full service model. Our key focus in the past years has been to become the go-to-strategic partner for permanent staffing needs, and temporary expertise via our branch PG Interim.

 PaymentGenes has been assisting the FinTech and payments industry as well as major clients like SaaS providers, (eCommerce) merchants and Tier-1 retailers. PaymentGenes has gradually grown across multiple industry segments, verticals and has succeeded in creating an EMEA reach. Earlier in 2020 they have opened an office in Canada to serve the North American market as well. 

 DataBright, with a team of data science, -engineering and -analytics experts, creates assets for companies from their data sources. This can lead to innovative services, improved conversion, reduced risks and costs. The DataBright-team leverages deep payments industry understanding and a modern technology stack to collect, monitor and innovate with payments data to the benefit of large scale merchants and to create unique services for PSP’s. 

 Payments Insiders is a boutique consulting firm run by industry professionals. They bring payments expertise as well as an international network of independent experts from across the whole value chain for all interim and permanent positions. They create lasting value for our clients through business or strategy consulting-assignments followed by interim management services to successfully implement the findings. 

With the expansion of PaymentGenes Consultancy, our new combination is even more powerful as the founding companies work on a global scale, have a track record with leading and innovating payments companies and share the drive to create long term value through strategic customer engagement and knowledge-sharing. 

 As our partner, you have the benefit of leveraging the following services;

 Payments data analytics (strategy, execution, solutions)

Interim (payments) experts and management (all roles and knowledge areas)

Consulting services (business, strategy)

Sourcing of permanent staff (all roles from medior level onwards), across EMEA, US and ASIAPAC.

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