Paynt launches an Acquiring-as-a-Service platform to solve merchant onboarding

Paynt, a global payment provider, has launched an Acquiring-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform that combines and automates, via API or interface, functions required by payment service providers to onboard, manage, and retain merchants. This includes omni-channel payment acceptance capabilities, real-time reporting of merchant performance, and a heavily-automated onboarding flow that makes it possible to activate new merchant accounts in minutes.
Recognising the issues that often arise with merchant onboarding, Paynt set out to solve the problem by providing a seamless and automated flow. The platform provides full visibility of onboarding bottlenecks, making it easy to troubleshoot obstacles and get merchants approved and accepting payments at record speeds.
Paynt is a fully-integrated global payment solutions and infrastructure provider. Acquiring-as-a-Service is its flagship product, targeted specifically at the reseller segment – Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs, but also SaaS). These companies are looking for more advanced solutions to attract, onboard and retain merchants, and Paynt’s extensive API library makes it possible to customize the platform’s functionality for various business requirements.
Paynt has evolved out of Paydoo, an acquirer and a classic payment service provider. While retaining its payment acquirer functions, it has developed a modular platform that streamlines key back-office functions for a more efficient end-to-end merchant acquisition and management.
Comprehensive real-time reports make it possible to track sales and revenue trends, see in-depth chargeback data, review transaction and billing details, monitor fraud, and analyse risks. These insights help provide superior merchant service and support.
“Having been a payment service provider ourselves, we knew the difficulty of onboarding and managing a large client base, especially when you have to handle thousands of merchants. Paynt was born out of frustration with slow and inefficient processes in the payment industry.
We’ve made transparency and responsiveness a cornerstone of our approach to reinventing the way business partnerships are created. We bring years of knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to help our partners uncover new revenue streams and grow faster. Together we can see, do and achieve more in serving the merchants better and creating amazing payment experiences.” – Sam Kohli, founder and CEO of Paynt

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