Advances in technology have revolutionized contemporary society, which today lives through the Internet the processes of everyday life, such as recreational activities, purchases of all kinds of products and payment for services. This increase in e-commerce has forced the adoption of online payment gateway systems, which facilitate instant transfers to bank accounts around the world.   
Moreover, improving living standards and growing consumption levels in developing economies have also increased the demand for these gateways, further driving the global instant payment markets. One of today’s powerful technological tools are the applications (apps) for sending money, which have significantly expanded their use and utility.  
With the help of apps you can, for example, send and receive money from family and friends inside and outside your country, purchase goods, pay bills and utilities. It can be used in gastronomy, payment of transport tickets, even this phenomenon includes leisure and entertainment activities, for example, the tourism sector, online casinos, among others. Generally speaking, apps tend to be affordable and accessible, easy to use, quick to process and highly reliable, hence their great boom in the commercial and financial market.   
One of the most popular is PayPal, which was created in 1998 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery, and allows online money transfers for almost all users worldwide. This digital alternative, which emerges as a secure and efficient payment method compared to other more traditional ones, began offering its services under the name of Confinity and reached its maximum potential when eBay bought the company in 2002.  
Its rapid growth as one of the most important electronic wallets in the world is supported by the fact that more than 200 million people use this payment method in their online transactions. It stands out for the facilities it provides to open an account, you only need an email and provide basic personal information; it can be used with iOS and Android devices and offers the possibility of paying bills in those establishments that have this application.   
This electronic wallet is reliable due to the security it provides to customers in relation to bank and card data; in addition, transfers made through this platform are exempt from bank fees. Another advantage of using PayPal as a payment system is that it has mechanisms to request money back if you have been cheated. And it even allows you to request reimbursement of refund payments.   
There are many reasons why this electronic wallet now covers a broad spectrum of transactions made on sites such as Amazon or eBay, since the risks of making online purchases become minimal, as PayPal uses the latest data encryption systems.  
And it has not only been prosperous times for e-commerce, the leisure industry has also benefited. For example, casinos are another platform where this tool has been successfully implemented. We are talking about the fact that the best PayPal casinos not only provide the gaming experience, but also the guarantees of a hacker-proof security system that is nowadays one of the most recommended options due to its immediacy.
That is why PayPal fits perfectly and is ideal for this type of gaming portals, and other leisure and entertainment activities without forgetting e-commerce. Realities that demonstrate why Paypal has become a reference platform to carry out payments almost everywhere in the world and above all illustrate the usefulness of these online payment methods, which optimize users’ experiences by satisfying their needs more promptly.  

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