Paysend strikes another record in active users at the close of 2020

• UK-based FinTech hits a record in active users in a single day on December 30th


UK-based global FinTech payments group Paysend achieved another record on December 30th with over 35,000 active users doing some 45,000 transfers abroad in a single day.

With over 90% of transactions completing in less than 15 seconds, it means Paysend has been able to transfer money around the world in just few seconds for thousands of people. Given that the average time for traditional cash-to-cash transfers can be up to one hour (from exchange to receipt) this means that over 4 years of time have been saved in just one day thanks to Paysend digital technology and seamless service.

Time is a highly critical issue for money transfer. Together with safety and cost, it represents a key barrier for customers using traditional cash to cash services. At Paysend it is well known that time is money, especially for all the customers who work hard, often away from their families and cannot be bothered with additional complexities. Paysend believes that being away from your family is already a high price to pay.

‘By saving time on the process of money transfer Paysend allows people to have more time to spend on what really matters to them. As Benjamin Franklin would say: lost time is never found again. That is why we want to give time back to our customers through our digital services’ said Alberto Macciani, CMO at Paysend.

In 2020 Paysend has managed to further strengthen its market position with its purely digital services ideally suited to the rapidly changing consumer market. The number of customers has grown from 1.3 million to over 2.8 million in 2020 and the company is planning further expansion in 2021.

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