PEPE surges 700% in 30 days; How high will it go?
Memecoin PEPE has taken the crypto world by storm, surging past usual metrics to cross new highs. The token has climbed more than 700% to reach $0.000008478 in a span of one month.
The token’s unparalleled popularity stems from a strong community sentiment approach alongside a FOMO trading mentality urging traders to explore the meme coin in a new light.
The frog-inspired token has also noted a gradual increase of 15% in the last seven days, indicating its prominence over other contemporaries.
The token’s global popularity has reached new highs, as it was recently listed on Newton, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange.
Dubbed one of the “strict” exchanges, known for its robust listing policies, the exchange has acknowledged PEPE’s rising popularity narrative and has listed it on the exchange for trading.

PEPE Price: How High Will It Go?

With a historic 700% surge, the frog-inspired meme coin has already established its identity as a coin, which isn’t going away anytime soon. Per analysts at CoinCodex, the token may climb to $0.000010.
“At present, the price of PEPE stands at $0.00000746, marking an impressive intraday increase of 6.40%. This advance further extends the streak of bullish candles, indicating sustained interest and optimism in the PEPE market. Such dynamic trading activity and significant interest from investors suggest that PEPE may continue to play a pivotal role in the evolving narrative of meme coins within the broader cryptocurrency landscape.”
Similarly, for the year 2024, CoinCodex predicts the coin to breach $0.00000237396 with an average trading price of $0.00000552942.
“The frog-themed meme coin, PEPE, is currently trading at a discount of 71% from its all-time high of $0.000004354. Moreover, despite the recent rise of 91% in intraday trading volume, the PEPE price fails to gain momentum and shows a failed inverted head and shoulder breakout. Nevertheless, the overall trend improvement chances in 2024 are on the higher side due to the Bitcoin ETF approval anticipation. Hence, a potential altcoin season later in 2024 can result in a boom in the PEPE price trend,” the platform noted. 




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