African mobile money empire 

Did you know that more than 50% of all mobile money accounts globally are in Sub-Saharan Africa? No matter how surprising it sounds, the region is the fastest-growing mobile financial market in the world. With low bank branches and ATMs saturation, mobile phone banking became the only access to financial services for hundreds of millions of Africans, who’s been adopting such services faster than anyone else in the world.

Nowadays, 12% of adult Africans use mobile financial services, which is four times more than the average for the whole developing world.

The market is exceptionally receptive to new technologies and state-of-the-art financial solutions, thus creating an ideal environment for fintech companies from all over the world.

Polish challenger on the Kenyan market

Zenka Finance – an international full-stack fintech with Polish origins, focused on mobile lending – stands out from the rest of the competitors. Since its launch in December 2018, Zenka keeps on challenging the other players, consistently implementing innovative solutions and improving client experience.

Such an approach unquestionably pays off. Zenka’s efforts have been noticed and appreciated by its clients and, as a result of it, the company won the top award for the most preferred non-banking platform despite the fierce competition from well-established players on the market, nominated in the same category.

Apart from winning the most preferred non-banking platform award, Zenka has also won the 1st runner-up award for the fastest growing non-banking loan platform.

Zenka’s forte 

However, what convinced Zenka’s clients to vote en masse for the brand and rocket it to the top? Undoubtedly, it was a combination of innovation, AI-driven solutions, advanced algorithms and consumer-oriented approach. What Zenka offers its customers is a choice of flexible and scalable financial products that empower them in their journey towards financial inclusion and help them to shape their economic trajectory.

Feel free with Zenka

Zenka’s high-end, fully automated and user-friendly smartphone application for small business owners, entrepreneurs and tech-savvy consumers gets loans, ranging from $5 to $200, within minutes directly to their Mobile Wallet (M-PESA).

Unlike other players, Zenka offers the first loan for free, as a no-string-attached trial for first-time borrowers. What’s more, it adjusted the offer to “mulika mwizi” users as well and enables them to apply for a loan through the USSD short code *841# (for more information visit https://zenka.co.ke/).

Responsible business approach 

Not only did Zenka dare to compete with well-established players on the market and convert more than 800,000 Kenyans into its customers in less than nine months, but also became one of the most fervent advocates of regulating and organizing the microlending sector.

In pursuit of promoting best practices and driving a coordinated approach in addressing the emerging industry’s pressing issues, together with other prominent microlenders, Zenka has set up the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (https://www.dlak.co.ke/). Shortly, Zenka’s CEO – Robert Masinde was appointed the Chairperson of DLAK, proving that, despite being quite a young player on the Kenyan market, Zenka has a significant impact on it.

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