Praxent Supports Endex in Launching Social Investment Platform

Praxent develops prototype to help investtech startup raise capital and accelerate launch

Praxent, a fintech design and engineering partner to financial companies, today announced that it has supported Endex by accelerating the product development and path to fulfillment for the Gen Z-founded startup.
Endex is a social investment platform that facilitates the convenient creation, publication and investment in custom peer-managed portfolios. It has a social component that allows retail investors to learn from and emulate investment strategies. Working with Praxent, Endex founders were able to quickly bring their concept to a workable prototype, which served as a proof of concept for early investors and allowed for a smoother product development cycle, expediting the company’s path to market.
“We were impressed with Praxent’s deep fintech experience and understanding of what we were trying to accomplish from day one,” said Brittany Wright, CEO and co-founder of Endex. “Praxent helped us work through and optimize the design and user journey, translating our idea into something tangible. The prototype allowed us to jumpstart our fundraising, which is critical to any launch. Plus, their frontend design work streamlined the development of the app, getting us to market faster than expected.”
Praxent’s team worked closely with Endex’s founders, helping them create an intuitive user experience from the first stage and create a strong, compelling brand identity. Feedback from investors and prospective users has been overwhelmingly positive. Plus, the prototype paved the way for Endex to be accepted into an accelerator, secure additional funding, pursue influencer collaborations, and strengthen brand awareness.
“People are taking their finances into their own hands, making the Endex vision for connection and collaboration timely and in demand. I’m glad we could help them with the early steps they needed to make this goal a reality,” said Tim Hamilton, CEO of Praxent. “By working with us to design and develop a seamless, modern experience, Endex has been able to take a significant step forward in preparation to launch. Since the development of the prototype, the company has been able to raise money, grow their social media presence and even explore integrations with larger brokers.”

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