RBI's Digital Basket – simple loans for scale-ups for the first time


∙ € 100 million for online companies that have outgrown the start-up phase ∙ Loan volume between € 1 and € 7 million 

∙ RBI one of the first corporate banks to offer targeted debt capital for digital  industries 

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) has launched one of the largest European  financing programs for digital growth companies. With a total volume of € 100  million, online companies that have already outgrown the early start-up phase will  be supported.  

RBI as a pioneer 

RBI is one of the first commercial banks to offer so-called scale-ups uncomplicated  and fast corporate loans. Although demand for this product is high and growing  strongly, this customer segment has been virtually unserved in this respect. For the  founders and owners of fast-growing online companies, financing through debt  capital is very attractive compared to additional equity capital, for which they would  have to give up further company shares. “I have experienced this myself as a scale up founder,” explains Joerg Bartussek, who now heads RBI’s Digital Department and  developed the Digital Basket. “The more valuable the company shares you still hold  as a founder become, the more willing you are to pay interest for financing, and not  give away more shares.” 

With its local knowledge and strengths, RBI serves this corporate segment  throughout Central and Eastern Europe, where it has been particularly difficult to  access traditional corporate loans even for top scale-ups. 

Fast and uncomplicated processing, no additional costs 

The Digital Basket loans do not incur any costs other than interest. The term is  between one and five years, depending on the customer’s needs, and early  repayment is possible in principle. RBI is now starting to build up a portfolio of top  growth companies. The individual loan amounts range between € 1 and € 7 million. 

The first pilot financing under the Digital Basket has already been completed. Only  14 days passed from the start of credit check and contract negotiations to  disbursement. 

Qualification criteria  

To qualify for the Digital Basket, a scale-up must have annual revenues of at least  € 5 million, have gained the trust of renowned investors by raising at least € 3 million  in equity financing, and continue to grow profitably.  

Companies in Western Europe as well as in the entire geographic footprint of RBI in  Central and Eastern Europe are qualified. The Digital Basket does not focus on  specific industries; top SaaS companies, eCommerce platforms and apps are  financed just as much as innovative gaming providers, MedTechs or new mobility  players. The only exception are scale-ups in the financial sector, so-called FinTechs,  which are the target of RBI’s Elevator Venture program. 

In addition to the track record of the founders or managers, other selection criteria  include a presence in at least two markets, an established internal controlling  system and an acceptable debt/equity ratio.

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