Customer needs are constantly changing. Keeping up with their expectations is an unquestionable challenge for banks. Why is that? Banks struggle with technical staff shortages, which results in a slow time-to-market of the application development process. Thus, banks cannot respond dynamically to the different needs of people.

Also, pandemics and the decreasing number of branches have affected customer service. Undoubtedly, the challenge for banks is to improve their service channels.

What if banks could use an off-the-shelf solution to meet all their customer’s expectations faster and improve customer experience?

Let’s check!

Be closer to your customers anytime, anywhere thanks to the remote branch

The last three years have accelerated the process of change in the bank customers’ habits. The previously cited pandemic and fewer branches pushed people to use digital channels more often than ever.

We are banking remotely, and it is how we want to handle most of our today’s tasks and financial responsibilities.

What is more, we pay more attention to customer service. We do not want to talk to chatbots. We prefer human interactions, and we want to have the possibility of resolving all our issues anytime (24/7), wherever we are.

That is why FINANTEQ created Pocket Branch – a virtual branch solution. Our product makes the digital transition smooth and combines the advantages of physical branches and remote channels.

Pocket Branch is an easy-to-use tool for your customers, allowing them to “visit” banks without going to a brick-and-mortar branch in person. The service enables banks to communicate with their customers and vice-versa in the most convenient way via video, audio, or text chat.

Quickly responding to people’s needs is essential today. Transferring good experiences from brick-and-mortar branches to remote channels is necessary to ensure a superb customer experience. Banks that are able to solve customers’ problems right away will win the market.

No-code a future that is happening now

Banks are getting used to continue offering their services through digital channels and being closer to their customers than ever before. However, the industry experiences previously mentioned challenges regarding extending digital services.

Fortunately, Finanteq designed a solution that helps to overcome mentioned challenges. A no-code platform – Extentum, it’s a tool that allows banks to extend digital banking services quickly and effectively within hours without the high cost and time-consuming developers’ engagement.

To give you a hint, how it works. The bank wants to launch a holiday loan promotion fast. In our experience, classic implementation can take quite a long time. But with Extentum, it takes just hours.

After integration with the bank’s systems, thanks to Extentum, a non-IT person can create a loan offer in just 3 simple steps, which are available on the backend application:

  • Step #1: Setting the entry points.
  • Step #2: Targeting the audience.
  • Step #3: Creating an interaction scenario.

The result achieved in this use-case thanks to this super-easy configuration:

John just bought a holiday trip. How do we know that? He made a money transfer to a travel agency. What is more, his account balance dropped below 5 000 USD. These two factors were set up as entry points to trigger the promotion. That means he will see a pop-up window on his screen with a customized message: “Hi John, looking for extra holiday money”?

By clicking pre-defined answers, he follows up on the scenario and takes the loan within a few taps.

Of course, it’s just one potential scenario of Extentum usage. Are you wondering about more? Download the Extentum Product Overview.

Lifestyle management services in banking

How to make the mobile banking app even more convenient for users? Upgrade your existing mobile banking app and make it more attractive for your customer thanks to accessing various m-commerce services without needing to install several separate applications. Turn it into a superwallet and add a number of value-added services!

With our m-commerce VAS you can simply add lifestyle management services.

The range of possibilities is vast: ordering a taxi, paying parking fees, buying bus or train tickets, renting city bikes, making groceries, reserving hotels, buying cinema and events tickets, ordering food with delivery, and many more.

The solution gives users access to multiple services within a single banking application. Convenience and safety – are provided.

Smartwatch banking is still blooming

Smartwatches are enjoying unflagging popularity. Therefore, it is worth providing dedicated apps for watches with some features. At Finanteq, we offer white-label products that you can adjust to your branding.
Applications dedicated to IoT devices are the future and smartwatch banking is still a niche.
However, it is worth filling it out right now leaving the competition behind.

Upgrade your mobile banking app with an easy-to-integrate components

  • Let your customers capture data from paper with OCR technology

People do not want to enter data manually anymore. They prefer to have it done automatically. With OCR invoice scanning software, it’s easier than ever before.

How does the OCR document reader work? The user scans the data from the document, and the program verifies its accuracy and inserts it into the specified fields of the form. It works perfectly for invoice payments. As simply as fast.

Implementing OCR technology into your app is the way to improve customer experience. This simple feature will significantly enhance the quality of the application for users. We checked it!

  • Mobile Token a tailor-made security solution for mobile banking

Security in banking is essential. Your customer wants to be sure that their money is safe. Mobile Token is used to generate one-time passwords and authorize transactions. Our bank security token has many uses, such as transaction authorization, in-branch authorization, and more.

Of course, our component is 100% PSD-2 compliant.

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay SDK are the fastest way to assure provisioning and verification

Our component makes it more effortless for a bank to implement Google Pay or Apple Pay fast and without unnecessary risks or delays. Thanks to our SDK and know-how, the bank can implement Provisioning and Verification processes into its mobile banking application and complete agreement requirements with both Google and Apple.

To wrap up

Banks have many possibilities to provide personalized offers to their customers and to introduce new functionalities quickly and efficiently.

By using off-the-shelf products, banks can gain a competitive advantage and deliver value to their customers in a short time.

Do you want to give your customers an innovative experience of banking? Reach out to us!

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