Realio issues first hybrid equity token to power its DeFi ecosystem of real-world assets


Realio, the technology ecosystem for institutional-grade digital assets, announces the launch of its Realio Security Token (RST), which provides investors with equity and shared revenue derived from Realio’s real world, tokenized assets. Realio’s STO offers up-to 17 million tokens and will be the first digital security issued on the platform as a multi-chain asset (MCA), available on the  Algorand, Ethereum, and Stellar blockchains. This token sale is available to accredited investors and non-U.S. persons.

Realio is offering investors fractional ownership of the legal entity that owns the Realio technology platform, which is fully tokenized. Realio’s platform creates value for investors by affording a DeFi rail to real-world assets and through the provision of white-label technologies. Realio also sources, vets, and manages projects to be tokenized and offered through the platform in order to ensure the highest quality opportunities for its investors.

To-date, Realio has announced a joint venture with Valentus Capital Management to build its digital issuance platform Valentus Digital (including a $250mm credit fund). The company also announced an (up-to) $100mm tokenized fund focused on low-cost Bitcoin mining through next-gen cooling technology and a $10mm fund administration engagement for a large residential tower project on 5th avenue in NYC.  Other notable traction includes a pre-sale purchase of RST by Algorand and partnerships with multiple layer 1 blockchain organizations.

The Realio platform, which utilizes the native currency “RIO,” is currently live with numerous features, including multi-currency (non-custodial) user wallets; a fiat on-ramp, integration with institutional custodian PrimeTrust; a KYC/AML and investor accreditation portal; and a peer-to-peer exchange graphical user interface. Most recently, Realio launched its Multi-Chain Assets (MCA) bridge and liquidity mining contract for its native currency RIO, allowing users to swap the asset across the Stellar, Ethereum, and Algorand blockchains seamlessly, and to stake liquidity in a decentralized liquidity pool while earning block rewards.  The Realio Issuance Network is anticipated to launch in 2021 as an open source technology, allowing for a distributed and peer-to-peer network of issuers and investors.

Originally announced in March 2020, the RST sale was placed on hold due to the extreme economic impacts of COVID-19.

“The Realio platform provides a truly unique opportunity to investors to gain access to real world assets via tokenized mechanisms in the DeFi space and yield rewards via the network’s liquidity protocols,” says Derek Boirun, CEO and Founder of Realio. “Our current hybrid STO opens the door for investors to participate in a vehicle that scales with the platform and network, and provides an opportunity to enjoy the utility benefits of the token that work to generate additional yield through DeFi and network validation.”

Realio’s utility and payment coin RIO was recently listed on major cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, in addition to its growing and robust liquidity pool on Uniswap.

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