The RTLS (Real-time location systems) Technology relating to employee tracking has helped us to improve our employee productivity by letting us track and locate our workers within the workplace effectively. Moreover, we have improved our safety and security thanks to real-time updates from the software.

Redlore Company’s Mission to Boost Efficiency

Founded in 2018, and with its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, the RedLore company aims to enhance operations in the world of manufacturing and logistics with its IoT devices and patented solutions. Niek Van Dierdonck is the founder and CEO of the company who discovered the potential IoT had for manufacturing and supply chains, he works alongside Pat Tenneriello as a sales leader and David Micaleff, CTO, as well as Susan Robbins Parson, CFO.

RTLS Solution to Track Employees

Every warehouse can benefit from a system that allows them to monitor their employees and track them efficiently. In this regard, an RTLS, also known as an indoor positioning system, works by using a network based on IoT where, through a combination of software and hardware, it can provide real-time monitoring of employees, assets, inventory, and more.

Thus, its goal is to inform about what’s going on in the warehouse, the data is then used for making decisions or to enforce safety measures and prevent accidents.

How Does RTLS Work for Employee Tracking?

RedLore’s RTLS solution works by installing several devices that work together to transmit real-time information. These devices are called tags and beacons, which are attached to employees and allow for precise tracking of the person. The “Person Tags” are used for both employees and visitors and are also called Badge Tags. They can help with tracking, fall detection, and more with a standard resolution accuracy.

The Anchors, which are installed throughout the warehouse, work by tracking the location of the tags and thus providing a precise location, and, for this reason, are known as the RTLS reference points. Redlore’s unique anchors are wire-free with long-lasting batteries to reduce costs. Then, the information is transmitted by the Gateways from the Anchors to the IoT Engine, which then transforms it into valuable insights.

Benefits of RTLS for Employee Monitoring

Technology is rapidly changing the ways in which we operate. Thus, if we want to keep pace and not be left behind, we have to take advantage of the tools that allow us to improve the different parts of our processes, such as employee tracking and monitoring.

By using an RTLS solution you can ensure your workplace is safe and efficient. For example, you can track when an employee is in a non-authorized area or a danger zone and prevent an accident. Moreover, you can provide rapid assistance in case of an injured worker thanks to the in-built button for a distress call in the badge tag, which they can press to get help and you can provide said help easily by knowing precisely where they’re at.

Get All the Tasks Completed in Your Warehouse

Another great advantage of employee monitoring is that you can know exactly where your employees are at all times. Therefore, you can determine if they are doing their job and if they’re completing the tasks they have been assigned to.

What’s more, you can have better employee management by adjusting the tasks assigned. For example, if you determine an employee works faster or slower than the other, then you can decide whether they need a decrease or increase in their workload and thus ensure all the tasks are completed by everyone involved.

Save Time With Real-Time Tracking

Forget about having to manually track attendance for all of your employees, since by implementing this solution, you can ensure real-time tracking to collect data for all-day attendance. With this data, HR can precisely calculate the payroll.

Moreover, you can use it for evaluating employee performance. Since you won’t be investing all of your time into tracking your staff, you can focus on their performance. All of this translates into improved employee motivation and satisfaction, which can also improve your business’ performance.

RTLS Use Cases

Even though RTLS solutions are aimed at the field of warehousing and logistics, many industries can benefit from implementing this solution to have better control and management of their workforce. Here are some use cases of this solution:

Construction Sites

When it comes to improving safety, construction sites are one of the workplaces who need it most. With an RTLS solution, you can maintain safety and ensure your employees adhere to regulations by not accessing restricted zones. What’s more, since construction sites are known for having lone workers, you can provide a fast response to accidents or easily find a missing employee.


With an RTLS solution, it’s possible to monitor and ensure the safety of healthcare workers by establishing geofences, which are virtual boundaries that employees cannot trespass, since they could face potential dangers. Thus, when this happens, administrators can be notified and take action to prevent any trouble.

In addition, with the valuable insights and data provided by the IoT Engine, it’s possible to identify the worker’s movement and improve workflow by determining areas for improvement. Lastly, RTLS can help with assistance for healthcare workers when they’re facing an emergency or a crisis with fast-response units.


In the retail industry, it’s necessary to implement the latest technologies to remain competitive. With an RTLS solution, you can identify where your employees are and improve the customer experience, as well as enhance your operations.

Lastly, by tracking your employees in your store you can identify patterns and inefficiencies, which you can use to improve performance and even determine which measures are more suitable to increase productivity.

To conclude, an RTLS Solution to track employees can be the best tool you can implement to improve your operations and enhance your business. If you would like to learn more about how RedLore’s RTLS can help you, check and contact the specialists to start transforming your warehouse.

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