Ripple XRP becomes best-performing Cryptocurrency in Top 100
Ripple’s native token is up in market cap, rising over 20% to sit at $40.4B as well. Compared to the five leading cryptocurrencies above it on the charts, including Bitcoin, XRP has been the best performer over the past day. According to recent data, the token is extremely bullish amongst traders, and trading volume has risen over 300%.
While XRP was late to the bullish rally of cryptocurrency, it’s since caught up dramatically. Open interest for XRP, which indicates the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, also saw a notable increase of 30.44%, standing at $1.06 billion.
Ripple XRP’s jump saw a mixture of reactions. While millions in liquidations came with holders looking to cash out, interest in XRP futures also grew. The asset’s market cap sits at $40,157,126,488. Many analysts believe that XRP’s latest surge will see it reach $1 very soon, especially if it finally intersects with the path of the current crypto market surge.




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