Russia's virtual bank Talkbank launches an AI-based financial assistant that is available for clients in 5 messengers


Chatbots are a very prominent tool in today’s world. This technology is used to train humans’ communication skills. With the help of an AI chatbot such as Buffet, an innovative Talkbank service, you can now have an assessment of your finances in an instant. Way better than spending gas to drive to the bank, right?

The Talkbank’s robot is named after Warren Buffett, an investor, entrepreneur and business tycoon. When people hear this name, they usually think of wealth. There’s no going on around it, personal wealth is a key to a better life. But, some people are better at managing their budget compared to others. That is why they need someone to coach them about handling their finances.

And this is where Buffet the robot comes in to save the day! Working within the Talkbank platform, Buffet has access to client activities. It applies artificial intelligence to analyze spending patterns and recommend ways to spend smarter and save more. You can choose to put money aside for a rainy day or specific goal. Buffett answers questions, gives recommendations and is available via VK, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber. This allows users to have instant access when inquiring about personal wealth management.

Buffet features:

  • Calculate monthly income and expenses
  • Analyze personal finances;
  • Help with planning a budget and setting financial goals;
  • Calculate expenses at gas and service stations;
  • Help get optimal travel insurance;
  • Provide up-to-date information on exchange rates;
  • Remind about loan payments

As an AI software, Buffet is trainable – the more users interact with him, the more the bot learns, and the better he becomes at providing help.

The financial advisor is available 24/7 with no days off or lunch breaks. To activate Buffett you just need to download the Talkbank program, open it in one of your to-go messengers and send it a simple query.

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