Sberbank’s Pay with QR and Take&Go offerings recognized among world’s best


Sberbank has won Future Digital Awards in two categories, securing gold accolades for the innovativeness and user-friendliness of its Pay with QR (Best QR Code Payment Offering) and Take&Go (Best In-Store Technology) services.

Pay with QR is an innovative cashless method of accepting payments for products or services, which is available to Sberbank customers, as well as to clients of other banks who use Sberbank’s QR Platform. To make a payment, you only need to show your personal QR code generated by the mobile application or scan the code posted at the outlet. For businesses, this type of payment is much more affordable than merchant acquiring, with the fee being only 0.6% to 1.5%. On top of that, outlets don’t need any special equipment to use the service.

Take&Go is a revolutionary computer vision technology to make purchases at stores. The first store without checkouts in Russia was opened at Azbuka Vkusa. To make a purchase, you just need to scan a QR code using the Take&Go mobile app, take the groceries you need off the shelf and leave. The money will be debitedautomatically.

Dmitry Malykh, Acquiring and Bank Cards Director, Sberbank:

“Sberbank constantly develops and introduces innovative payment solutions that become an integral part of our customers’ lives over time. They pay for their purchases every day in the most convenient and secure ways. The Pay with QR and Take&Go offerings are already very popular among our individual customers while opening up new opportunities for businesses of any size. The international experts’ recognition once again proves that we are moving in the right direction.”

Future Digital Awards is an international award, founded in 2008. Its participants are companies that operate in fintech and payment, digital service provision, technology and innovation such as smart devices, cities and houses, IoT, etc. Juniper Research analytical group assesses applications, draws up short lists of potential winners based on criteria such as product innovation, its peculiar features and advantages, product partnerships, certification and compliance, and future business outlooks. Amazon, Visa, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mastercard, IBM and other globally recognized tech companies won the award in 2016–2019.

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