Seed investment firm brings Sharry Europe among the top PropTech companies in Europe


Sharry Europe has newly raised a seed investment of several million EUR from the venture capital investor Bohemia Venture Capital. This has brought the Prague-based IT firm Sharry among the most highly-valued PropTech companies in Europe. This funding will fuel their consecutive expansion onto other markets, including the US in 2019, and progress on their Sharry Workplace product software, which takes systems, technologies, and services from multiple suppliers and integrates them throughout a building into a single smart and intuitive platform with a mobile app.

Sharry Europe has already fulfilled over 15 orders in five countries of Central Europe. Its customers include Skanska, HB Reavis, and White Star Real Estate. For Skanska, it has developed the innovative and award-winning Connected by Skanska PropTech OS, which is now used in all of this developer’s office projects in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Spark complex in Warsaw – one of the most integrated office buildings in Europe.

“We strive to make modern buildings not just friendly, but smart as well. That’s why Sharry Workplace interconnects systems, technologies, and services from multiple suppliers. This makes life far simpler for a building’s users and administrators – instead of having to use several different services, they have just one system and one mobile app for the whole building,” describes Sharry Europe’s co-founder and CEO Josef Šachta. He founded Sharry Europe together with Vladimir Cibulka, Michal Cerovsky and Jakub Reznicek.

The seed investment from BVC is to accelerate upcoming development for the Sharry Workplace SaaS solution and international expansion for Sharry Europe. At present, Sharry Europe has a development center in Prague and a sales team in Warsaw. This year they’re preparing to enter the US market, where an order for a new office building in Boston is just about to be signed.

Software solutions from Sharry cover almost 350,000 square meters inside premium office buildings in the CEE region. “We offer users a wide range of solutions: From little details (public transport info and restaurant lunch menus shown both in the mobile app and on a lobby screen) to bigger services (like a digital concierge and mobile access replacing plastic-card ID) all the way to features that transform a whole company’s behavior (dynamic parking zones, integrated access management, and complete solutions for visitors and for communicating with a building’s management),” lists Šachta.

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