Smartlands Kicks Off STO - Announces Public Sale of Shares


 Smartlands – the first Stellar-based Platform for crowdfunding investments through the issuance of security tokens – announces its first Security Token Offering (STO), a public sale of shares in a student accommodation complex in Nottingham, UK. It is estimated that investors will receive a forecasted average dividend yield of approximately 5.74% per annum and a forecasted return of 15.72% per annum including capital growth. Constructed in Q3 2018, the purpose-built student block contains 124 apartments and is fully occupied for the current academic year 2018/19. The complete details of the Offering are available here.

Smartlands Platform Ltd, an FCA registered UK company, is proud to launch its new crowdfunding platform, leveraging blockchain technology for the issuance of security tokens. The platform allows investors to commit funds with both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. With a minimum investment threshold of 500 GBP (or an equivalent in any fiat currency or cryptocurrency accepted on Smartlands), the offering of tokenized shares in a student accommodation complex in the UK, targets retail investors, allowing them to invest alongside experienced asset managers and property owners.

“At Smartlands we’re rethinking traditional finance models by building a global ecosystem that democratizes access to alternative investments and opens opportunities to higher-yield projects.” says Smartlands VP of Technology, Ilya Obraztsov. “The student complex in Nottingham is the first tokenized property in the UK, to be followed with new offerings of blockchain-based securities backed by assets in real estate and other markets.”

Smartlands is leveraging the Stellar network to provide benefits to all involved in security token issuance on the Platform. Previously Smartlands Platform announced entering the active stage of obtaining permission from the FCA for a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) license. Once this milestone is achieved it will make the Platform’s security tokens available for trading on a secondary market. From this point, users of the Platform are going to be capable of trading securities peer-to-peer with settlement times between two to five seconds, which will be many multiple times faster than a traditional stock exchange.

Parallel to this process, Smartlands Platform is negotiating with a number of trading platforms which already possess MTF licenses and are ready to list security tokens issued by Smartlands. They also plan to offer secondary trading straight from their proprietary Smartlands wallet. This will work exclusively within the regulated segment of the Stellar network operated by the Smartlands Platform. An AI-based compliance engine will check each transaction and score AML risks.

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