Snowflake-Kount partnership aims to expand customer insights


Kount, the leader in identity trust and digital fraud protection, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, provider of Data Cloud, to offer actionable customer insights via Snowflake Data Marketplace. This new product, called Data on Demand, is the industry’s first private data warehouse enriched with insights from Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, powered by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Hosted by Kount and fueled by Snowflake, Data on Demand gives enterprises the unprecedented ability to proactively employ data to increase revenue opportunities via customized upsell, cross-sell and downsell initiatives. Businesses can use Data on Demand to reduce friction, discover omnichannel customer behavior and evaluate fraud prevention initiatives. 

In today’s digital world, data is key to success. Data on Demand empowers businesses to easily combine all their company data with additional insights to gain deep analysis, access personalized reporting and create custom machine learning models. 

Besides device, location and decision data, insights in Data on Demand can include:

  • Customer-collected payment details
  • Data from Kount’s user-defined fields
  • Data from triggered rules, reviews and outcomes

Kount’s Data on Demand is built on Snowflake. Snowflake’s platform requires near-zero maintenance and separates compute from storage to enable businesses to quickly manipulate high volumes of data in the cloud with near-zero performance, concurrency or scale limitations. Snowflake Data Marketplace uses secure data sharing technology to provide a single source of truth for data from across an organization’s ecosystem, which can be combined with additional data sources for even deeper insights. 

“Kount’s Data on Demand and Identity Trust Global Network leverage Snowflake’s Data Marketplace to share data from across sources in a secure and governed way,” said Matt Glickman, Snowflake VP of Customer Product Strategy, Data Marketplace. “This partnership gives our joint customers the ability to more fully utilize their data to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, support fraud prevention and provide meaningful business value.” 

“Snowflake and Kount’s new partnership is a game changer in understanding true omnichannel customer behavior, as well as discovering new segmentation, cross-sell and upsell and customer retention strategies,” said Gary Sevounts, Kount CMO. “With unprecedented growth in digital commerce comes unprecedented opportunity to uncover new customer journey paths, reduce friction and take customer experiences to the next level. Data on Demand is the key to unlocking huge amounts of both new and existing data from many sources.”

To learn more about Data on Demand, click here. Snowflake and Kount will share specific examples and uses of Data on Demand in an upcoming free webinar on December 15. Register here.

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