Take your traders’ experience to the top with Solitics – the lightning-fast edge that sets elite brokers apart from the competition.

Get the edge on the competition and take your traders’ experience to the top with industry-leading, lightning-fast responsiveness.

A market leader in customer engagement and data analytics since 2013, Solitics continues to deliver unparalleled real-time responsiveness to online brokers, banks and fintech companies, empowering them to enhance the client experience and grow customer value through innovative solutions.

Through pushing the boundaries of technology, the company utilises a profound understanding of its clients’ needs in order to harness tailored real-time marketing automation requirements seamlessly and effectively.

Unmatched real-time responsiveness in action

The company has made significant strides in demonstrating its real-time responsiveness through several practical use cases, in the most contextual, data-driven way. Prime examples include portfolio risk shifts, market events, margin calls, incomplete KYC, no deposits, negative account balance, eligibility for bonuses and so much more.

In the dynamic realm of financial services, Solitics stands out from the crowd in how it delivers best-in-class multi-functional solutions to both end traders and customers through personalised real-time responses via pop-ups, SMS alerts, push notifications, emails and a whole host of other methods.

Solitics also sets the trend within the banking sector, ensuring proactive customer engagement in a range of cases, such as when a client has made significant account withdrawals, has an incomplete application for another product or when they qualify for a new card or account type – the opportunities are plentiful and the solutions are endless.

Setting a new standard in the industry

Solitics stands out from its competitors by not only showcasing unique real-time use cases but also by sharing success stories that resonate with the industry’s needs. The focus on unmatched responsiveness and a personalised approach sets Solitics apart as the preferred choice for innovative brokerage firms, forward-thinking banks and active forex traders.

It is the go-to partner for financial institutions looking to bolster their operational responsiveness and client engagement, including solutions that offer unrestricted access to all data in real time – just 1.8 sub-seconds – including internal and external sources. Its commitment to delivering exceptional real-time responsiveness ensures that clients always receive top-tier service and support.

Personalised customer journeys for end users

The personalisation at the heart of Solitics’ user engagement technology ensures that traders are not just recipients of information but active participants in a trading experience tailored to their needs. Fully automated customer journeys are transformed into personalised experiences through the leveraging of insight from unified customer data.

By keeping constantly updated with real-time alerts on portfolio risks and market opportunities, traders can make decisions that are perfectly synchronised with their trading strategies, leading to better and more optimised outcomes as a result.

Empowering brokers to stand out from the competition

Solitics’ solutions empower brokers and investment companies in a number of ways. Firstly, it delivers value from a brand perspective, with the exceptional personalisation and engagement it provides to clients. Not only does this prevent churn but also leads to increased client activity and longer session times, which ultimately has a positive effect on customer revenue.

Meanwhile, Solitics’ advanced reporting dashboards and customised reports provide real-time insights, generated when traders are sent personalised recommendations and alerts. This data enables customers to track and analyse exactly where the revenue uplifts and pitfalls are. It provides further side-empowerment to brokers, who are consequently able to employ actionable optimisation tactics to further enhance and personalise the user experience.

A holistic approach to enhancing the product experience

The company’s focus is not only on providing the best available features but it is also dedicated to maximising the value it delivers to end users. The solutions provided are designed to elevate the entire product experience of its customers, creating a deep sense of personalisation to the service being offered.

This approach helps customers to view Solitics not only as a tool, but also as a valued, strategic partner that enhances their product offering through a deep understanding of their unique needs, providing meaningful solutions in real-time. At the same time, end users experience a highly personalised service, which in turn leads to improved client retention for Solitics’ customers.

Enhanced confidence in forex trading

For forex traders, the immediate, differentiated responses to price changes, margin calls or portfolio risk shifts offer not only operational efficiency but also peace of mind. By effectively managing urgency levels and communicating through preferred channels, brokers are able to ensure that forex traders are well-prepared to act swiftly, while protecting their interests and enhancing their trading confidence.

This differentiation ensures that traders receive the most relevant information through their chosen communication methods. With Solitics’ technology, traders are well-equipped to manage their positions effectively, mitigating risks and capitalising on opportunities in the fast-paced forex market.

Proactive engagement for banking institutions

In banking, Solitics’ real-time solutions transform how financial institutions interact with their customers. Immediate alerts triggered by significant transactions enable banks to offer a proactive response, addressing different customer scenarios in real-time, preventing potential churn and presenting alternative solutions that align with customer needs.

From tailored product recommendations to customised financial advice, Solitics enables banks to make every interaction meaningful and personalised, reinforcing Solitics’ position as a leader in the financial technology space.

About Solitics

Established in 2013, Solitics is a leading technology provider specialising in real-time marketing automation and analytics solutions for institutional financial organisations, banks, global brokers, Fintech companies and iGaming industries. It has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse in the realm of customer engagement and data analytics as a strategic partner in forging meaningful connections with its customers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and in-depth industry knowledge, Solitics enables its clients to stay one step ahead in the fast-paced financial market.

To find out more about how Solitics can upgrade your customer experiences through transformative real-time solutions, visit this link.

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