Spielworks partners with Splinterlands to bring blockchain’s leading game to EOS


Spielworks, a leading blockchain gaming startup,  announces its Wombat wallet has integrated with the world’s most popular blockchain game, Splinterlands. As a result of the partnership, Splinterlands has built an integration with EOS and Wombat, enabling Wombat’s users to log into Splinterlands directly. The move effectively brings blockchain’s most popular game to Wombat, and boosts its fandom to even greater heights.

A lingering lack of trust between gamers and developers, alongside a growing desire for fairness and transparency in gaming, is clearing the way for blockchain traction in the industry. Yet, some hurdles have persisted; the need for more seamless on-boarding remains, while a lacking user experience has generally stunted EOS’s adoption as a blockchain, keeping users mildly hesitant. Enter Wombat.

Spielworks’s leading and trusted crypto wallet, Wombat, provides users with free EOS and Telos accounts. The wallet serves as a gateway to blockchain-based gaming, allowing users to find, play, and interact with blockchain applications (dApps) and games available on EOS and Telos. Wombat offers free and fast account creation, automatic key backup, free blockchain resources and the simplest user experience for regular dApp users. Wombat is available on Android, iOS, and as a Chrome extension.

Wombat strips away the tedious tasks of managing blockchain accounts, providing for a seamless gaming experience. This double-edged sword appeals to both blockchain enthusiasts and regular users who lack deep technical background. In 2020 alone, Wombat created over 35 percent of all EOS mainnet accounts and now has more than 250,000 registered users. Part of that success is because Wombat lets users:

  • Securely store, send, and receive EOS- and Telos-based tokens
  • Enjoy unlimited play with a large swathe of listed games
  • Securely store and backup your private key without any access by third parties
  • Enjoy exclusive giveaways, free game-items and gaming token rewards

Splinterlands is an epic, multiplayer fantasy trading card game in which gamers battle each other by summoning monsters for control of a war-torn world. Now running on the Hive blockchain, the game was originally launched as Steem Monsters on the Steem blockchain. Now, Splinterlands has built an integration with EOS for Wombat’s users. In Splinterlands, every single transaction is posted publicly and immutably to the blockchain with the player’s own private keys, which allows for full transparency, verifiability, and control not just for the NFT game cards, but also for every battle and action that takes place in the game.

“Through bringing the biggest blockchain game to our users, coupled with top-notch user experience, we’re propelling blockchain gaming to new heights.” says Adrian Krion, Co-Founder and CEO of Spielworks. “The move represents a huge step in blockchain’s emergence as a force to reckon with in mainstream gaming.”

“The Wombat Wallet is the most polished and easiest to use EOS wallet we have ever seen, and it’s no surprise that they have also built an amazing community of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts on top of it,” says Matt Rosen, CTO of Splinterlands.

“We are extremely excited and could not have found a better partner to help introduce Splinterlands to the EOS audience.”

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